All in all thing's weren't looking up.Mature

Ash River

I was waking up but I really didn't want to open my eyes. Not yet. Things weren't looking. I was tied to a chair, hearing footsteps around me and what else? O'yer my bite mark was burning like fuc....

"She not a vampire you idiot."

"Well she sucked the guy blood, so how does that work?"

"Believe me I know she not a vampire, now go and do some real work."

What was all of that about? I thought as I heard the door slam shut, I couldn't hear anymore footsteps, was it safe? I listened for another few moments, then I opened one eyes and then the other.

I could feel the blood slightly dripping above my right eye where Jason hit me. I moved my head trying to figure out where the hell I was. The room was small painted black; the window was blocked and bared making it impossible to escape there. The rope was tightly done on my wrists that were tied to the chair behind me.

"Ahh finally he wakes!"  A voice calls in the dark room. Then I see who it is, thinking how this could be possible, he meant to be dead! "Did you miss me Ash? Your face is quite a picture."

"Robert." I snarled out his name. "Thought you was dead, but then again you already are."

"And you would be like me too Ash, tell me have you forgotten that night." Then just by the click of his fingers, the burning increased.

"Ahh, Rob, ahh. Grr...AHHH!" I screamed and shouted feeling the pain around my body. Then he clicked his fingers again, the pain stopped. I was gasping out trying to breathe. But he wasn't finished with his little game yet...


I must of fell unconscious again, because the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor hands still tied. My whole body hurt. The blood had dried down my face. I couldn't work out if anyone was in the room or not. All in all things still weren't looking up. I just wanted to sleep, forget about everything. But I couldn't, it wasn't like me to just give up and I wasn't going to. I opened my eyes; feeling relieved when I didn't see anyone, the door was closed.

I staggered getting up coughing a few times. What the hell did Robert do to me? I have never seen him use his power before; in fact I didn't even know he had any. Unless he does over me. I didn't like that idea. Instead I started thinking of a way outta here. My hands wouldn't bug from the rope, I needed something sharp. I looked round to find nothing. I still couldn't muster my powers together to help me. I was well and truly in the shite now.

I hated this! Not being able to do anything.

"I hate this. Just give me a break; I need to get out of here. I need to help my friends." I gasped at the word that I just used. "Did I really just say that word?" I didn't have time to think about that now as the door opened. Jason entered the room I glared at his smug smile.

"How we coping little cousin?" I didn't reply I only looked his body, finding any sharp. "Have you any idea what's going on with your friend's right about now?" Again I didn't say anything, the door was still open.

"Well Billie and Mike have entered the building, ha that sounds funny. Jade's entertaining everyone else, yes your missing out little cuz." An idea suddenly came into my head.

"You know Jason, I never thought I say this but. I think I might join them. Hey why don't we do it together? I know that you're working for them, they might let me help you or something." I could see him taking the bait it was written all across his face.

"Robert could finish me off, I won't need much. If he feds from the same place and I fed from him at the same time. Like last time. Come on...Cousin me and you were more like brothers when we were kids...we can be like that again...we could take over...just me and you."

"How can I trust you Ash?" He asked I knew that he was toying with me. I came closer and a knife appeared in his hand.

"Because you need me cousin, you say I'm the weaker one. But I was always the cleverest." Eyeing him carefully I had the answer I wanted. Jason went behind my back and untied the rope. "Hey can you give me my power back, I might needing them."

"What for, I've had orders anyway. Your have to speak to Robert about that." He told me putting the knife back in his jacket.

"Ok but I need it to help fight of the humans. Come on I thought we trusted each other." Then finally Jason listened to me, I could feel my power come back to me it felt good. "Now do you know where Billie and Mike are?"

"I think I saw them in a room, but I was busy seeing to you to pay any attention." That's good they were together and I was guessing that Jade was still in the main hall with the other vampires. I didn't like the sound of that; I shock it off focusing on the job at hand.       

"Thanks Jason and I would say I'm sorry but I don't think I am."

"What you on about Ash?" He asked in a puzzled voice by my sudden change.

"I had it wrong before, I'm the stronger and the cleverest." Using the nature and the full force of my body. My fist slammed into his face, knocking clean out and falling on the floor. I searched him taking the knife, my car keys and some other keys. Finding some more rope I tied his hands and feet together. I went to the door, looking back and saying. "Sorry it had to be like this Cousin."

Locking the door behind me I went along the corridor in search of Billie and Mike. But as I passed one corridor I suddenly heard a very strange noise. I stopped sticking to the shadows, holding my breath. What was going on now? I carried on walking, checking each of the rooms but they were empty. A plan was coming together as to how we were going to get out. Alive if at all possible would be nice. God I soo needed a bottle of beer after all of this.      

The End

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