Not Again, I Won't Let That Happen!Mature


"Mike!" I turns seeing the orange electricity surrounding Mike with orange eyes, " Stop your draining you life away!"  He  just laughs. I scowl at him, why the hell is he laughing at me?

"No, Billie my life isn't being drained, but yours is going to be." He grins evily , his arm building up with a charge firing.

"Mike! What is wrong with you?!" I scream, my eyes locked onto him, the bolt comes towards me, I close my eyes and jump to the floor. I can see Ma..Mike smile. What does he think he's playing at?

"Fuck off you weak fool! You do not deserve to be the master! I am the master!" He starts yelling at no one, like he's yelling at himself.  He hits the ground on his knee's.

I jump to my feet and walk closer to him, trying not to get his attention, trying not to get him trying to kill me again. I look down at me hands and scowl, great. I'm invisable again.

" I must kill him." He starts to whine, this isn't my Mike. No, it can't be. Or maybe it is....have I made him into this? A book falls out of his jacket but it's as if he doesn't notice it. No, he can't be my Ma...Mike. My Mike would notice the book.

" I am the first Mike , and I'm stronger! so why won't you die!?" He screams as I lift the book and hit Mike across the head he passes out. "That's for bloody trying to kill me, idiot." I say down at him.

I swallow deply and put the book down slowly. I creep over to him and put a trembling hand to his chest, tears are coming to my eyes but I blink them quickly away.

First things first, I need to become visable again... but how? No one is here to help me. I can feel myself panicking, I start to take big gulps of air.

Okay Billie, focus. Focus on your breathing than think about what you want to do.

I move away from Mike and start to focus. I focus on each breath, blanking my mind, than I think about me becoming visable again. I start to become all tingaly. I can't help it, I start to giggle and open my eyes.

I look down, my smile spreading. I'm visable again. I did it! Just like old times before... Not now! I can't think about all that now! I run over to Mikes passed out body and stroke his cheek gently. He looks so peaceful. I don't care if he just tried to kill me, that's not the Mike I know!

I put the book on him and carry him (with difficulty because I'm not the strongest) and put him in a room close by. Lucky enough there's a bed there, strange vampires don't need beds.

That Mike who killed those vampires and tried to kill me, he's not my Mike. That Mike had a crazy look in his eyes. Oh god, I hope he isn't going to stay like that! I want my Mike back!

I look at Mike again. I want to stay here with him, I want to stay untill he wakes up but the vampires are gone, I could go and find the others than come back. The thought of leaving Ma...Mike hurts.

I swallow hard and decide to stay here, when Mike wakes up, we'll go get the others. That's if he's the Mike I know that is, if not than I'll have to.... No! I sit on my knees on the floor, my yellow eyes staying on Mikes knocked out body.

Him laying here reminds me of Matt after... after what I did to him. He went straight to hosptial and I ran. I knew they can't do anything for him and I heard him say he wishes he never met me when I was invisable in his hospital room.

I bow my head.

I can never let myself get carried away like I did with Matt, even if I want to. I look up at Mike, my heart hurting more than it ever has before. "When all this is over, I'll stay away Mike. I'll stay away so what happend to Matt won't happen to you." I say, silent tears running down my face.

I rest my head on the bed and close my eyes.

Images of Matt rush through my head. There's one of him and me laughing, another with him smiling, another when we sneeked out and just layed on the forest floor talking and holding eachother, than one of his face after what I did to him.

Suddenly it's not Matt anymore but Mike.

We laughing with Mike, him holding me tightly in a protective way, me and him laying together talking. I smile at these, my heart calling out for this to happen, for this to come true.

My smile fades quickly as Mikes face starts to change. Parts of his flesh start disappearing, some of his hair too, leaving him looking like a zoombie with his skull showing on his once handsome face.

I start to cry, trying to open my eyes but I can't!

I'm shaking, fear all over me.

No! That's not going to happen to Mike! I'm not going to get that close for it to happen, no matter what I want.

One kiss, that's all it took Matt for him to be like that for the rest of his life and I'm not going to let that happen to my Mike!

I didn't get rid of parts of Matts face, they just went invisable. No one knows that though. All evidence point to it being there but invisable but normal humans don't believe that could ever happen, they ignore the evidence.

A sudden sleepyness washes over me...

I'm not letting Mike become like Matt. I won't get that close. "It's not going to happen again, I won't let it." I mutter before falling into a sleep fall of Matt and Mike, their faces matching, both of them with parts of them missing........

The End

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