Mike 2,and MikeMature

Now was an ultimatum, Its making or breaking time, I wasn't to sure what Billie was up to but  I had to stop it.

"I can see why you would be chosen to be her first victim , you smell so alive." One vampire comments, I take the opertunity to catch the leeches off guard, and threw him to the ground.

"You bet your pale ass." I growl feeling the other vampire punch me but I feel nothing. I picked him up with a charge building up in my arm. Fear showing on the vampires face while my face shows victory, the thought of victory however came to soon. The charge snaps, making my arm go numb,and I fall to the ground.

" Are you ready to remember? Are you ready for this?" A male voice says in my head, while time slows.

"Ready for what?" I ask

"Ready for me to take over."

"Who are you?"

"Mike, your Mike 2."

"That makes no sense. I am Mike the one and only Mike in here."

"No you're a clone, of me, our brains are fused."


" Lets just go with we are an experiment, and my body failed but yours worked, but your personality didn't develop quite fast enough so they used my brain. Anyways, just giving you a heads up I'm taking over and your going to forget a lot of things like when you took over."

"No I have to do this! I have to I can't forget everything!"

" Well you can't do anything because you don't know how to."

"Do your best to remember what Billie means to me, and the others who aren't vampires then."

"Can't guarantee anything for ya but I will try. See you in the future, Mike 2." 

Everything blurs and as the other me takes control, and I fade to the back, of my own mind," Remember them for me!"


Mike ( the other one)

" Remember them, for me!"  I hear his voice resonate from the back of my head as my eyes open in a strange place with two familiar things, vampires.

" Why you smiling scumbag!"  One says his fist clenched and it heading towards my face. In a brief second that vampire found himself embedded to the wall the other one not to sure what was happening as I slip from his grip, and turn his body to nothingness.

"Man Mike 2 is stupid that he didn't know how much power he as, and how gullible he is." I laugh looking at a perfect body unlike mine which was decaying. I remembered every word but I really thought the vampires had the right idea for killing them, so weak, unlike these abilities. My head vibrates, and gives off pain as I feel a foreign emotion of concern. Shit obviously he still had a reason not to give his body up completely. Maybe I will kill everyone here then maybe Mike 2 will believe I did what he wanted me to. A smile creeps across my face.

"Fun." An orange charge gathers around me burning the ground with each step I take, walking out into a hall full of vampires surprised to see me was the most pleasant thing I have seen since I was dragged to live a life inside my own clone's head.

" Oh, how troubles.." I raised a hand the vampire body gone his blood spattered across the wall, the elder grimaces, and begins to run, understanding that my power was on the same level as his.

"I must hold an emergency meeting, the military's atrocious animal has returned. He mutters as very thick blast doors close after him. Disappointment spread across my face that was going to be my revenge for what  they did to my body. Oh well killing the rest of them could be just the same, seeing there helpless faces as I incinerate them effortlessly.  I walk down the hall where Mikes friend was taken kicking the door down as a vampires face was only inches away from her neck. Zap! No more vampire just Ash. I giggle, slightly I couldn't wait to torture Mike two's weak friend. 

"Mike!" She turns seeing the orange electricity surrounding what she thought she saw was her beloved Mike with my orange eyes, " Stop your draining you life away!"  I just laugh.

"No, Billie my life isn't being drained, but yours is going to be." I grin , my arm building up with a charge firing.

"Mike! What is wrong with you?!" She screams, the bolt hits the wall incinerating her. I smile but the emotion fades as more foreign emotions hit me hard, sadness and anger this time.

" Fuck off you weak fool! You do not deserve to be the master! I am the master!" I yell.  I hit the ground on my knee's my head felt like a thousand needles exploded, and where trying to get out inside my head.

" I must kill him." I whine, feeling the intense headache. A book falls out of my jacket but I ignore the vampires precious book trying to take complete control of this body.

" I am the first Mike , and I'm stronger! so why won't you die!?" I scream as the book lifts itself and hits me across the head I pass back into the darkness I have been forced to live in for too long, Mike 2 sitting across from me.

"You lied to me." he says.

The End

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