Oh shit no! My mind is spinging, we won't be able to win this, I know we won't!

The vampires start to walk slowly towards us, toying with their prey. I smile a little as a thought goes through my mind. "I'm sorry."I whisper into Mikes ear so the vampires can't hear me. Mike turns to me confused, his eyes still on the vampires.

"Alright boys, back off." I call out, my voice strong and powerful. They sneer at me.

 "And why should we do that?" I glare at them all hard, ignoring my growing fear.

"Because, idiots, I'm one of you." I say, walking in front of Mike, thinking about the book turning invisable, knowing that it now is.

I hope Mike will understand all this.

"You? Funny how you smell and look human. And why do you have a human with you?" One of them spits at me. I glare at him, narrowing my yellow eyes.

"That's my power, stupid! And he's my little snack. Touch him and I will kill you." I hiss back at him, making him narrow his eyes.

"Prove it. Prove that you're a vampire." One calls out, them all getting nearer. He goes over and picks up a limp victim. "Drink his blood."

I look at the limp man, he's knocked out with lack of blood in his system, but I know he'll still have some blood in his body. I fake a smile. "You are really sharing such a delious meal with me?" I ask, edging closer to the body, not taking my eyes off it, and licking my lips with hunger.

I've seen vampires do this many times, for once, I'm gratefull for being around them so much.

"Drink it."

My smile gets bigger. "Oh, you are too kind." I breath and then sink my teeth into the guys neck.

I can hear Ma...Mike start to get creeped out by all this, he's yelling at me to stop. I take my mouth away from the victim and turn back to him. "Shut up mortal! Don't worry I'm saving you for later." I snarl and wink a little. Oh god, I hope Mike saw that.

I turn back to the guy and bite again this time I swallow deeply, ignoring the longing to spit out the blood. I know I can't. If I do, it'll be certain death for me and Mat...Mike. Ewwww, is all I think as the warm metalic blood runs down my throat.

I stop drinking and push the body to the floor, licking my lips, acting like a vampire. I'm sooo going to throw up after all this is over!

The vampires seem satisphied, accepting me as one of their own.

"I heard there was a human girl down here. Her name's something like Jane, no, Jade? Do you know where she is?" I ask the others while walking back to a sick looking Mike.

I put a hand lightly on his arm, he flinches away, making my chest hurt, but I grab it back with more force this time.

"Yeah we know where she is, well, we know where the elders are that are keeping her here are." One of them says as the rest go back to drinking the rest of their victims dry.

"Take my to them then be gone." I say, my voice harsh. I know they'll do it because of my 'power' not many vampires have such things and if they do it's incrediable.

They lead me and Mike down a few tunnels untill we get to an opening where I can see a load of vampires, one looks like he's bleeding from the nose.

I snatch the invisable book from Mike and tuck it under my clothes, now they won't know I've got it. I walk through, leading Mike.

They all turn to me and hiss. I reconise most of them, one of the elders stands up shocked. "Billie? What are you doing down here?"

I smile at them all fakely. "I'm here because I want you to change me." As soon as I say this, they all hush.

"Very well, see Billie. Didn't I tell you this is the way."  The elders smiles down at me.

"Oh yes master you did." I say with a little bow.

"What about him? Why have you brought him here too?"

I think quickly, blocking my thoughts, knowing that they are not safe around here. "I want him to be my snack after I change." I say, refusing to look at Ma...Mike.

The elders smile. "Very well. William, take him to a room near the others."

I look at Mike and hug him in a way that they vampires might think is because of him being my first prey. I put the book under his shirt and let go.

I watch as he gets dragged away. Mike tries to fight they vampire off, yelling out stuff but I blank him out. I don't want to hurt anymore. I know I've hurt him and that just rips me apart to think about the hate he must have towards me.

I hope he understands. I hope he understands that I'm giving myself to the vampires so there's a chance of all them to go free.

I fake smile up at the vampires and go sit by the elders feet.

The End

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