Wrong WayMature


Me and Mike stop running once we get to Linkin Street. I start to gulp at the air, trying to take it all in. My powers don't help me run like Mat..Mikes do. We start to search for any sign of Ash, his car's here but Ash is nowhere to be seen.

Mike curses under his breath. "Where the bloody hell is he?"

"He wouldn't of left." I say, my voice small.

Mike gets out his phone about to call Ash but I slap it out of his hand.

"Don't be an idiot! If Ash isn't here and didnt tell us where he's going than something's up and you calling him might make it worse for him!" I say, my voice stronger. I close my yellow eyes and breath deeply. "Where can we go to get in?" I ask, my voice trembling at the thought of never seeing Ash or Jade again.

Never hearing Jade laugh, never seeing Ash scowl at someone for doing god knows what....

No! I will not let that happen! If we find them, no, when we find them and save them I swear I will leave them all alone. Even Mike. I feel a stab at my chest at the thought of saying goodbye to him.

I shake my head and open my eyes.

"Chip shop?" Mike asks, making me breaking into a huge smile and hug him.

"Mike you're a genious!" I say once I've let him go.

"I'm not really." Ma..Mike says back to me.

"Come off it. Oh Ma...Mike I could kiss you right now!" I say hugging him again. I let go and we stand there for a while in silence....awkward. "Chip shop?"

"Chip shop." Mike agrees and we are soon running towards the chippie. I know that the entrace underground in the chippie has lots of ways to go all around town, if we can find the right way we can go and save Jade and Ash! But that's easier said then done.

We break in and rush to the kitchen, moving the tile and going down into the darkness. Mike puts his hand together, the book under his shoulder, and I put mine over them. "Don't you dare! You need to save your energy anyway the light will make 'em know something's up." I say quickly, I can feel Mike shrug and I let go of his hands trying to ignore the butterflies that fluttered inside me when my skin touched his.

We slowly walk into the first chamber, the one we were in before when Robert bit me. A hand goes to my neck as I remember. I shake my head and we carry on walking.

We soon get to a corridor type thing that can go two ways. I look up at Mat..Mike. "What way?" I ask, making him look shocked.

"What do you mean 'what way'?"

"Well, I don't know! It's not like I came down here and they showed me the way to go when the take Jade!" I hiss angrily, keeping my voice low. "C'mon lets go this way." We walk through the left tunnel, Mike in front, walking close together.

We walk into a chamber and freeze. I scrunch up my nose at the metalic smell that's in the air. I look past Mike, eyes wide. "I think we've gone the wrong way." I whisper seeing about six vampires feeding off of innocent victims.

They suddenly stop feeding and their heads snap up towards us, blood running from their mouths. "I think you've come the right way; for dessert." One of the vampire says, the others hiss in agreement.

Mat...Mike stands up straighter, ready to fight. "Like hell we are!"

The End

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