Ash River

"For the last time Jason where is she?" I barked at a very blooded Jason.

"Look I don't know ok. I was meant to get the other girl, and then you showed up." This only made everything more complicated, if they wanted Billie to.

"Why are they after Billie so much? Why they suddenly interested in Jade all of a sudden?" I questioned my phone suddenly vibrated in my jean pocket; I glanced at the screen knowing it would be from either Billie or Mike.

Ash, we might have found Jade she's-

"They haven't found her Ash." Jason voice came out all sneaky.

"How would you know, didn't think you knew where she was." I closed the phone. "You better start talking."

"The only way you can get in, is if I'm with you." He smiled at me.

"Like I can really trust you." I have trouble trusting these new people, let alone Jason of all people.

"O' come on, we used to trust each other all the time. Didn't we?"

"I don't have time to go down memory lane, I need to find Jade and get the others before anything else happens." I snapped.

"Why you soo concerned over these people? This isn't like you to care about other people. These something more to this, isn't there?" I walked over to him pulled him to his feet and slammed his body against the wall.

"Listen because I'm only going to say this once. Show me to where they have taken her Jason." Feeling the full force of my words in warning.

"Would it be so hard to use manners? Please and thank you wouldn't go amiss." He commented.


"Ash"? Mike says on the other end of the phone.

"I know where she is."

"You. What how do-

"Look we haven't got time for this, so listen to me. Meet me on the other side of town, Linkin Street. These a big building there I'm guessing that's where she is." I informed him looking at Jason as I drove not caring about the traffic.

"Linkin Street? Yer I know where you mean. How do you know?" He asked

"Never mind that for now. How are. How are you and Billie?" Suddenly feeling worried about their safety.

"We're ok tell you about it when we see you. O' we've got a book."

"A book?"

"Yer we got attacked by some vampires and they had this book, so we took it." He explained

This caught me off guard for a moment Jason seemed to notice too.

"Talk when I see you, I'm almost there myself I'll wait. And Mike." I added.

"Yer Ash"?

"Look after yourself yer and keep Billie safe." I shocked myself saying this.

Mike must have been surprised himself. "Erm. Yer same to you." We hung up then and I concentrated on the road, what book could that be? Why would they have a book? From the way Mike was talking it seemed pretty important to them. At listed they were ok.

Jason remained silent until we made it to Linkin Street; I parked up facing the building. It had a fence going all the way around it climbable, the entrance was open and lead to the main part of the building. The building it self was a grey colour, windows broken or covered with wood, three storeys.

We waited in silence, it was getting dark the clouds where coming over, blocking the sun. It reminded my of my father power, he could sometimes control the weather. My mum could connect to animals and sense things about the earth. So was it any wonder that my power should be nature? I could touch on each of there powers, but I had a few of my own too.

"Why don't you call your friends, seem to be taking a while don't they?" Jason breaking the silence said. He had a point. Jade needed our help, who knows what they were doing to her. I pulled my phone out finding Billie name and putting the phone to my ear, thankfully she picked up.

"Where the hell are you two? Hurry up and get here!" I snapped to her, god what was wrong with me. I felt bad but I was worried about Jade, I couldn't understand it.

"Perhaps we should take a look, you need my help remember." He advised opening his door. I got out although I had a bad feeling all of a sudden, I didn't trust Jason, but I needed his help.

I was leaning against the car, looking at the building trying to work out a plan. My body felt strange all of a sudden, what now? Then it came to me trying to gather my power. But I couldn't. I looked round then, Jason must of used his power on me. Taking my nature powers away from me, but why? Where's gone?

Suddenly, something hard hit the side of my head. I cried out falling to the ground.

"Ah, little cousin you were always the weak one." I was only too aware then that I was being picked up, someone was carrying me. Then a cold hand traced my bite mark on my neck. I tried to move, tried to speak and then my phone was vibrating again. The cold hand left my neck and went into my pocket. The sound of someone foot smashing something, was the last thing I heard before the blackness finally took over.         





The End

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