We Need To GoMature


I shake a little as I look at the book in Mikes hands. I don't like it.

Matt's...Mike dammit why do I keep saying Matt? I shake my head, getting rid of the sudden memories and emotion from Matts name. I swallow, trying to listen to the convasation between Mike and Ash over the phone.

But I can't concentrate. All my focus is on that bloody vampire book!

I scowl at it. Something's not right about that book, Mike shouldn't be holding it but I know he isn't gonna leave it behind and I sure as hell aint going near it again! Not after I turned it invisable.

It's not like I haven't done it before. I have, with lots of things. And Mike did tell me to do it, otherwise he would of got hurt trying to keep me out of halms way. But I shouldn't of done it.

I swore to myself I wouldn't change anything invisable again after what happend to Matt.

Tears come to my eyes as I think of him. I shake my head angrily. Stupid book! Stupid power! Stupid me!

Mike's saying something to me, bringing me back into focus. "Didn't you hear what I said? C'mon Billie, we need to get out of here!" Mike grabs my hand and we both run out and away from the underground place.

My eyes keep shiftying. First in front of me, than to Mat...Mike to see if he's okay, than to the book, than behind us and than doing it all over again. I don't have a clue where we're going and I have a feeling Ma...Mike doesn't either.

We sprint around a corner and Mike pulls me down behind some old bins. I scrunch my nose up in disgust. "Ma..Mike, what are you doing? We have to find Ja..." Mike puts a finger to my lips, shutting me up.I look at him questionly.

"We need to open this." Mike whispears, I narrow my eyes ready to argue with him but stop when I see two vampires by the corner.

"...can't find her, she must of taken the body too." One of the vampires that Mat...Mike fought says to another. The other one curses and runs off. "Find them!" He yells back, his voice almost a hiss.

The other vampire looks around, his gaze goes towards the corner where we hide. I quickly move in front of Mike and close my eyes. This normally works but I'm not sure if it will this time, I've never tried to hide in the shadows with someone else before.

"He's gone." Mikes whispears, his warm breath on the back of my neck. Slowly I open my eyes and sure enough, there's no vampire in sight. I move back to where I was before and Mike puts the book between us.

I glare at it, my yellow eyes burning with hatered and fear.

Matt.. Mike, goes to touch the lock on the book but I hit his hands away.

"For gods sakes! Don't open that bloody thing!" I hiss at him.

"We have to know what's inside, it might help us save Jade." He hisses back at me.

I chew on my lip thinking, we do need to save Jade but we shouldn't touch that book. I can feel it with everything in my heart, that we shouldn't touch it. Mike goes for the lock again but I hit them both harder this time, my eyes livid.

We glare at each other for a while in silence.

"Once we are away from the vampire, than we'll think about opening it." I hiis, getting to my feet but croaching just in case that leech is near. Mike takes the book, his jaw stronge, stubbon.

We start running again and I can see Mike going to open it again. "What have I told you? Don't bloody open that this Matt Brookser!" I yell at him, tears running down my face.

Suddenly my phone starts ringing, I answer it to here Ashs pissed off voice. "Where the hell are you two? Hurry up and get here!" Before I can say anything the call ends. I look up at Mike.

"We need to go."

The End

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