Mike: Underground building and a book.Mature

On the other side of the park was a part of town where only the few wished to live claiming there was evil spirits, or ghost, and serial killers, but honestly it was because the homes were all condemned and falling apart.

" A perfect spot for those bastards, to hide or ambush." I say quietly, focusing on every detail around me, my eyes flashing between normal human vision and the vision I see when I convert myself to electricity. I could see faint outlines of orange meaning human beings, my vision flashes back.

"Just one more time I mutter, looking at the ground." My vision flashes I see red figures underneath a stone house."

"Found them." I say at little loudly.

"Where?" Billie asks.

"Underground in the stone house. Stay close to me, I don't want you to get hurt." I say concerned.

"Don't worry about me Ma-Mike." She stutters. I wanted to ask why she kept doing that, but I wasn't sure it seemed every time she did she was about to say another name, and that other name seemed to upset her, so asking may hurt her.

We tried opening the door as quietly as possible but that proved impossible as it squeaked then fell off the hinges the door slamming loudly to the ground. I wince as I sort of expected a viciouse horde of vampires to rush at me but instead nothing.

"Alright lets keep going." I mutter. Stepping into the house the floorboards being noisier than the damn door falling over. I walk around looking for an entrance to the underground when Billie finds it when fiddling with a strange looking Idol the floor under her shifts causing her to fall.  I rush over before she gets to far by grabbing a piece of her clothing.

"That was close." I whisper, as she shakes in fear,"But at least you found out how to get down there.I'll phone Ash." I say taking it out quickly selecting his name and phoned but no answer, so I left a quick text before going down. Into the cold underground building that was poorly lit.

"Man these guys have poor tastes in lighting." I say giving off a few silent sparks to get around. After a few minutes of wandering we found a will lit room with a book standing on the pedestool with a metal lock on it making it impossible to open. Billie walks up to it with curiosity, hand extended, then a breeze whirls around us a bunch of vampire step out into the dark.

"I see that we have wanted guests but in the wrong room." A tall fairly pale vampire says very gentleman like, with yellow eyes.


"Yes wanted, aren't you lucky?"

"Go to hell leech." I spit.

"Ugly manners this one has. Incapacitate them." He orders as my hands build up with electricity striking a few done with out me even trying.

"Billie grab the book and go invisible!" I cry as the fight breaks out. I side step out of the way of a few nasty fists, Billie on the other side of the room disappears. Lets hope I don't hurt her in this skirmish.

"Where has the book gone?" One asks.

"You should be more worried about me then some locked up book." I say punching that one to to the face. I receive for fist to the chest slamming into a brick wall wincing in pain.

"Use your damn powers already!" I demand as electricity pulse through me hitting the group of vampires, they all die except the yellow eyed one, he must be a more powerful vampire.

"I'm going to make sure you pay for killing my brothers." He says angrily.

"So you guys do feel emotions?" I duck under a punch that blows a hole in the wall.

"Just a certain few." He responds as he ducks under a bolt of electricity.

"Mike watch out!" I hear billies voice as something behind me hits me with a stabbing pain. I slam onto the floor , blood running on my back.

"Torcher, you finally arrived!" The yellow eyed one says. I roll away from the vampires seeing the new one. he was one of the vampires from the cave, one of the elders, and somehow I could feel a crushing amount of fear and power from the one called Torcher, even though I couldn't see into his face from under the long cloak he wore.

"I will take care of them from here." His voice cold as oncoming chill of winter. He rushes forwards, and if I didn't know better I would say he was death himself. I couldn't move, my body refused to move, it as if time slowed down as his hands fell upon my shoulder and I could feel my energy being drained away. I fell to the floor useless, and utterly powerless to resist him." 

"Matt!" Billie screams somehow becoming viable in the corner of my eye. Her eyes wide as Torcher stepped towards her without making a sound. No I couldn't lose again, I am stronger than this! I thought to myself knowing this time no one was going to save me. My hand twitched as Spark of orange appeared on it. Torcher takes one step closer to Billie, I could hear her heart beating fast in her chest as the fear emanating from him, I stand the orange electricity now surrounding my body, a reflection of a shattered mirror showed my eyes changed from blue to orange, I knew that this wasn't normal electricity it was positive electricity, and it supposedly was more dangerous and powerful then negative. I took no time to surprise the blood sucker kicked him so I won't him and Billie when I release a bolt of electricity.

"What the?You shouldn't be able to move, I stole all of your energy!" Torcher said, looking at me up and down, "Oh I see how it is. That is incredibly stupid of you, then again most of you brats don't last long against us." He sneers, I didn't understand what exactly what he meant but I didn't care , I was stronger now. I build up a bolt on my right arm and blast him, A white light engulfing all that was visible for a few moments until it died down revealing a burnt hall way and a hole but Torcher stood in an area unharmed from the attack.

"That was close luckily I have good reflexes and force-fields. I knew I should have killed you back when I first put you in one." He said. Without fear I ran towards him both hands holding another charge.

"Try making a force field now!" I grab his arm hitting him square on the face and letting go this time the  destruction was immense as the roof was incinerated leaving us to the open sky and Torcher  standing his cloak damaged revealing a face that was so pale it was almost transparent his eyes black as the night sky without stars.

"Either I failed at taking your energy away fully or you have a lot of life force you can dig into to fight on this level." The Vampire said through heavy breaths.

"Ma,Mike, stop now!" Billie yelled, then I realized why I could feel this immense power but at the same time each minute my body felt more fragile as if it couldn't take the power. A force field shaped in a spear came flying at me from above I retaliate with a bolt the two power cancelling each other out. I jump forwards but suddenly the orange current around me faded, and I was powerless falling back to the ground.

"Oh, and another one goes. Enjoy a new pain Billie, we'll be back for you shortly." Torcher said his voice sounding distant as I slowly fall to the ground numb,and. It felt like forever for my body to hit the ground, When I did couldn't feel it, somehow I think that Vampire thought I was dead but I confidently thought I was still alive and I was going to live. I heard the book that Billie was carrying to hit the ground with a thump that resonated through my body, but I could not hear Billie's voice as her face appears above me, her mouth moving her eyes wet, with worry. Time seemed so slow. I give a smile, I think, but when I try to move my arm, it does not. She brings her ear down to my chest , I could feel a tear hit my shirt as her head rests on it. At first I could not feel my own heart beating but slowly I could hear a thump even though it was faint but it slowly got louder. She raises her head looking at my eyes, and I look at hers seeing my eyes go from orange back to blue. I blink as to confirm I was still alive, I also began to feel warmth returning to my cold body. Either that bloody vampire was lying or I can't die. Billie's mouth moved as sound began to return to my brain.

"Idiot." She finished, and I smiled weakly.

"I really don't know what happened there but can you help me out of here." I speak my first words, well that's what it felt like.

"yes."she grabs my arm and helps me out, and she supported me, I looked over at that book.

"We should grab that, they seemed really anxious to get it back when you snatched it."

"I don't know I do not like the feel I get from that thing."

"Then let me carry it." I say.

"You can't carry yourself!" She scoffed.

"Oh yes I can!" I say confidentially I say rushing forward snatching the book off the ground," See." Then my legs give in and I fall on my ass.

"Ma- Mike, you are a pain. You know that?" I smile she helps me back up, and supports me again," We'll bring the book but keep that thing far away from me."

"Alright." I reply. Then after that a long moment of silence follows us until I say," I'm sorry if I scared you back there, I think that Vampire was wrong though about me using my life force."

"Ma- I mean Mike dammit! The elders are never wrong, which means your an anomaly. As for scaring me, don't ever do that again." She says the last bit in a way it was serious but jokingly in a way.

" I. I" My phone goes off, I reach into my pocket quickly answering it.


The End

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