We've Got To!Mature


"I can track her with my nature power; I'm quessing you two will be coming with me." Ash starts walking, me and Mike are close behind him.

My eyes keep searching around us, looking for any sign of Jade or the vampires or both.

Suddenly Ash starts running, me and Mike match his pace but it's not easy. Mike can use electricity to help him go faster and Ash can use nature, it's times like these when I'm thankfull for getting forced to run track untill I was used to the long distance.

Soon, we enter apark. I'm breathing heavily, my throat now dry. I really should go running more. I look around, trying to find Jade. My heart is beating fast and it's not only because of the running but because of the thought of loosing Jade.

I like her, I fell comfitable around her, like I can tell her anything. It's nice but also not. That means I have to watch my tounge incase I let something slip about my past, but I know I'm not the only one who worries about the past.

Ash was bitten sometime in his past, I know that from him touching his neck, just like I do sometimes. I can see a scar too. I frown, I don't have a scar like that. I don't have a scar at all. Something different must of happend to him, but now is not the time to work out what!

"Damn! She's not here! We missed her!" Ash growls than punches a small tree, it falls over it's roots in the air. I shake my head.

"Don't worry we'll find her." I say, my voice calm while inside I'm panicking.

"We better!" Ash growls, more to himself than to me and Mat... I mean Mike.

"She was here a little while ago, I can feel her electrical curret." Mike says, I look at him, one eyebrow raised.

"I didn't know you could sense people from the electricity in them." I say shocked. Mike smiles a little at me.

"There's a lot about me you don't know..."

"Shut up! Jade was here, we all know that! I can tell she was. I'm sensing that they took her one of two ways." Ash says, his eyes livid. It's enough to make someone cry to see the pain he's in, he's hiding it well but I can tell he's hurting. He must really like Jade.

"Can you work out what way they took her?" Mike asks, hes eyes searching for anytrace of Jade. I can see Ashs jaw tighten, his eyes blazing.

"If I knew that I wouldn't say there was one of two ways would I?!" Ash snaps. Mike opens his mouth to say something back but I stand between them with my hands up.

"Will you two drop it?! Jade is somewhere with those leechs and Ash knows two ways she might of gone. I think we should split up and go in those directions to find her." I say calmly, carefully watching the two guys.

I lower my hands. "Now lets trade numbers." I say, getting my mobile out of my pocket, Mike looks at me and does the same.

"This is no time to do that! Jade's life is at stake and you what to get our numbers?!" Ash blurts out. I look at him in the eyes.

"Ash, this is so if we find her or if we need help or anything, we can call eachother and know where to go." I say, typing in Mikes number after he puts mine in.

I look at Ash who has got his phone out, putting my number in. I smile a little as Mike puts his number and Ash puts his in his phone. I smile slightly, finally they're not argueing.

"What happens when we have no signal?" Mike asks, eyes on me.

"Than we're screwed. Just try and find a place where there is signal when ya need to call someone. Now, I'll go with Mat...Mike one way and Ash, you go the other way." I say, the boys nod.

"I'll take this way." Ash points towards the lake. "You two go that way." He says nodding his head towards the exit of the park.

I grab Ma...Mikes hand and we both run towardsa the exist, both of us looking and listening out for any vampires that might be close by. We're out of the park and Mike starts to walk fast with me by his side.

I wonder what he meant by 'there's a lot about me you don't know'. I look at him, determination in his eyes. Beautiful eyes. Matt had beautiful eyes like Mikes. A pain goes through my chest and I tear my eyes away from Mike. I focus on what we are doing.

We've got to find Jade before it's too late! We've just got to!

The End

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