She found out my secret, dam she good.Mature

Ash River

Cold hands were on my skin, sending uncontrollable shivers around my body. It was too strong; the grip was just too tight.

"Calm down I'll make it easy and enjoyable for you, boy." His deadly voice whispered in my ear. I couldn't speck instead I tried to move away. But that wasn't easy. I got drag back by my hair, feeling my body slam to the floor.

"If you do not obey me, then pain it shall be." His voice told me tilting my head to the right. I was still struggling, still fight him.

That was then the pain exploded in my neck, the pain was unbearable. I was still fighting it, I didn't want this. Then I felt a different set of cold hands around my mouth, opening my mouth. The hands stayed there suddenly something was pouring down my throat. I tired to spit it back out, but the pain that still burning my body, seemed to be craving the cold liquid that was been forced down my throat.

I finally gave up. I stopped struggling letting him drink from me. I realised then that I was feely feeding off his own blood.

Suddenly, everything that was once black and cold changed. Out of no-where a bright spark of light imbued between me and the one that was feeding off me. I stopped feeding from him coughing and gasping for air. My eyes sight was going but, before they closed I saw two separate lights shinning straight at me...


I sat bolt up right sweat dripped from my forehead, panicking for a moment, until I saw where I was and who I was with. Billie? I looked up to the sky to see the sun was just coming up.

"Billie hey, Billie wake up." I gently shock her shoulder she was curled up in a tight ball. "Billie its Ash, come on wake up."

She stirred then blinking her eyes looking hazed too, and then she remembered what happened.

"Ash?" She crooked out weakly smile played over her lips.

"The one and only, did you sleep well?" I was still crouched over her checking she was ok.

"Hmm yer. Wha. What about you? How you sleep?" She asked sitting up.

"Fine." I lied touching the left side of my neck, it felt a little warmer. "Come on lets get inside."

"Why do you do that?" She suddenly asked then swaying as she got up, I reached out to her taking her arm.

"Do what?" I replied.

"Touch the left side of your neck sometimes; you've done it a few times now. Even yesterday when what was his name...Jason? When he was speaking to you I saw you hesitate." Her face full of wonder as she looked at me. Dam. Quickly I took my hand away from my neck. 


But before we made it to the door, the wind blow around me. Something was wrong. It was warning me. I closed my eyes concentrating on my power for the moment forgetting Billie.

"Ash your hand..." She wined, I hadn't realised my grip had tightened.

"Sorry we need to find the others. Where were they last time you saw them"? I asked as we went in the house.

"Erm. I came to find you. I sent Mike to find Jade." She informed me.

"You find Jade; I'll see Ma-Mike." She nodded we ran up the stairs, moments later Billie told something that I already suspected.

"She not in her bed her window open. Ash what's wrong?"

"O no this can't be happening, not Jade." I said to myself as banged on Mike's door. "Mike!" He was too slow for me; I opened the door to see a very surprised looking Mike standing by his bed, messy brown hair clung to his face.

He yawned. "Morning to you to. What do you think your doing"?

"Jade's missing Mike." Billie told him, looking at his topless figure and brushing turning away.

"God, you put some clothes on quickly and you go the second bedroom on the left and get the map." I ordered I could see Mike mouth open to say something, but I glared at him as I went to my own room.

I changed my shirt  a dark blue one and went down stairs to see that Mike had changed and so had Billie.

"So would you like to tell us what the hell is going on mastermind?" Mike said when looked over the map, then walking outside going to Jade window.

"Something happened to Jade." I replied to looking at him, but going to the ground working it out.

"But what?" Billie asked.

I sighed finally finished here; I looked at them in turn. "Vampires." Mike's face whitened Billie's wasn't much better. I watched her movements, without knowing what she was doing; her hand went to her own neck. She gasped taking her hand away. Dam she knew my secret, some of my past.

"That's it isn't it. O'my god Ash." She gasped taking a step towards me. I moved away getting back to business.

"I can track her with my nature power; I'm guessing you two will be coming with me." It wasn't a question but a statement. And I amazed myself for thinking this but. I was actually glad when I heard there footsteps behind me, there were something about them. There was something about Jade that I didn't understand. I wanted to see those greenly blue eyes again.   





The End

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