Jade Sapphire

After hearing Mike's "comforting" words, i headed to my room, looking for some time alone to myself so I could think. I was feeling as guilty as ever. My going and searching for Ash, hoping to help him, hadn't seemed to make him feel better at all. It only seemed to make things worse.

With a sigh, I sat down on the edge of my bed and looked out the window. The sun was now high up in the sky, radiating light upon the small city. It was probably around eight or nine in the morning. I'd lost track of the time since all of the things that had happened till now. I wonder how Ash was doing right now. Maybe Billie was helping him out in some way; unlike myself.

Without thinking, I walked toward the window and with a calm breath, jumped out of it. Landing on my crouched feet, my fingertips touching the ground, I got up and walked out the gate of the mansion.

A stroll around a nearby park would calm me down and let me think better. Unfortunately it didn't. It only brought back memories of my past. The orphanage and how once I'd escaped it, only abandoned myself from the world outside, scared to get lost again.

My mum and dad had deserted me the moment I was born. I'd grown up wondering why they had..had they hated me that much? Did they know I was going to grow up and be this? Maybe they did; and they didn't want a freak of a daughter.

I remembered how I grew up in an orphanage; the smell of the old rooms with dust filled beds. I could barely call it a home. I hated it there. So I ranaway when I was 10 years old; hoping to find somewhere I could live alone. I did, finally. A small, abandoned house in the middle of the city. It was a wonder no one had come back for it the moment I set step into that house.

Sitting down on a park bench, I crossed my hands together and stared off into the small pond in front of me, continuing my train of thoughts.

I was brought up alone, managing to take care of myself independently. Working in a small cafe nearby to get money to afford food and clothes. The cafe and the house was all I knew, never really having friends...and the park often came to be a landmark of solace too. And just a few days back I'd been having a night time stroll; like the ones I usually had. To my complete surprise; I found something I'd had hidden within me, I'd met Billie, Mike, Ash...

I'd often wondered how their life was? If it was somehow similar to mine. I'd knew Ash must have had a hard time because of some past memory. I should've not gone after him; since afterall I had no idea how to help him. Afterall, I'd abandoned my world to myself not letting anyone in. How was I supposed to know I was going to feel helpless since I couldn't help a-a friend?

Getting up from the bench, I walked out the park slowly, heading back to the house. Mike, Ash, Billie..they probably wouldn't have noticed me being gone. Thinkin I was in my room they would've given me some space.

"Hello there Jade."

That voice sent prickles travelling up my spine. I turned my head back, slowly. There, in front of me, a vampire. The tip of his fangs showed as his mouth stretched into a wide smile.

"We've been wanting to see you."

At once, he appeared in front of me, tilting my face up so I could feel his cool, intimidating breath against my face.

"Close your eyes now dear...and fall into a sweet dreamless sleep."

Then came darkness.

The End

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