Mike: TalkingMature

It doesn't take me long to find Jade who was pretty distraught in the hallway upstairs.

"Are you okay?" I ask sitting down beside here.

"He won't let anyone in, and all I want to do is help him." Jade says.

"Yeah, people are going to have problems, and they all going to have different ways of dealing it, some wrong, some good, some new. I don't know much about him but his way involves him alone dealing with his problem and if you want to help I think you should be a little less forwad about it, give him his space but at the same time don't let him go to far. Its going to take some time but you want to do it.Anyways don't let him wiegh you down to much okay?" I say.

"Okay, I think i'm going to sleep though,i'm not sure if you helped but thanks anyways." She said walking off, I smiled. I probably didn't still it was worth a try. I got up holding my head it hurt like hell from that dude. Only a minute later I crashed, sluming halfway on the bed.

My dreams were not quite as pleasant as I wanted them to be mostly of them showing on the variouse ways I can die, but more worringly I heard that vampire who kicked the shit out of me earlier, or to death who knows Jade has some wierd powers, but his voice kept saying  " There is no escaping the spotlight, we have you on our sights ,and trust me your next."  The vivid nightmare ended when there was a knock at the rooms door.

"Hello?" I say.

The End

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