It's Gonna Be OkayMature


I look at Mike and smile weakly, he smiles back.

"So, we going to go find a place for you me and Jade?" Mike asks I shake my head.

"I think we'll be able to stay a while longer at Ash's, he just needs some space at the moment." I say, trying to convince myself more than Mike. I start to walk back towards the house slowly, looking out for anymore trouble. "Would you be able to teach me how to fight?" I ask after a long while of silence.

Mike looks taken back. "Er, well, okay. I'm not much of a fighter as you saw in the coffee shop..."

"You were great. Much better than me anyway. Thanks for helping. Again." I smile softly. Mike stops, we are now outside of Ash's house.

"I'll always help you Billie." Mikes voice is just above a whispear. Then I do something I haven't done in a long time. I hug him, I hug him tightly.

"Thanks Mike. You're sweet, ya know that?" I whispear into his ear, still hugging him.

"So, so are you Billie."

I laugh a little and stop hugging him. "I'm only sweet because you don't know me. Only sweet because I don't talk that much, but if ya knew me for a while, you'll not say I'm sweet." I turn and open the door.

I've probably confused him by saying that but it's true.

People who get to know me end up not liking me and it's not just because I'm a quiet person. It's partly because trouble follows me wherever I go. I'm like a magnet. I don't know why but whenever I get close to someone they get hurt in some way.

That's why I stay quiet and away from others, it's so they won't get hurt.

It's dark inside, none of the lights are on. Mike uses his electricity powers to turn the lights on. "I think it'll be best if you go find Jade, she might be with Ash and if thats so than just come back down here. If she's not just stay with her, make sure she's okay. I'll go find Ash." I smile at him then turn to go into the kitchen but he grabs my arm.

"Billie, just to let you know, I do think you're sweet. You're a really nice person. And if anyone has told you different they're lieing to you." Mike is so sure about what he's saying that it brings guilt into my stomache.

I smile at him and kiss him on the cheek lightly. "Thank you Mike." I say and smile. I turn around again and he lets go of my arm. I can hear his footsteps going up the stairs as I go into the kitchen.

I pour myself a glass of water and take it outside.

I put it on the little table by the backdoor and before I sit down something catches my eyes. I look over to the far end of the garden and see a figure. Ash.

I chew my bottom lip, deciding what to do. I think he's had enough space for now.

I start to walk over to him, keeping to the shadows, being invisable without using my powers.

As I get closer I can make out two headstones. Graves. Ash places something red on them, from here they look like roses.

"God it's all my fault. For 10 years I've carried the guilt of your death."I can tell from his voice that his sad and it's worrying me but also gives me a strange longing to go over and hug him and tell him everything will be okay. "It's all my fault, it's all my fault. It's all my FAULT!" He keeps on shouting this over and over.

That's it. I can't take this anymore.

I run over to him, putting my arm around him to stop him lashing out. "Ash, Ash shh it's ok your ok." I say to him, trying to calm him down.

"It's all my fault." He whispears against my skin.

I can feel a hard lump in my throat and tears com ing to my own eyes. I don't like to see him like this. I don't like to see him hurt. "It wasn't Ash shh." My voice breaks a little but Ash doesn't hear it.

"It's all my faulllll..." He falls into my arms, I have to move around a bit to hold his weight. I move towards the tree with a swing on it and lay him down on it. I sit next to him and look into his face, finally letting my tears fall.

Some fall onto Ashs face and I brush them away softly, trying not to wake him.

Poor guy, he must be so tired, I dout he's had a proper rest since his parents died.

"It's going to be okay Ash, you'll see." I sob, looking down at him quietly. "It wasn't your fault. No matter what happend, it wasn't your fault." More and more tears run down my face.

I rest my head on Ashs chest, becoming tired myself. "It wasn't your fault, you'll be okay. I won't let anyone hurt you like this again. Even if it means staying away."

I know I can't help him from harms way all the time but I can try. It's the least I can do when he's saved me a number of times. I don't know why but I want to protect him as much as I can, even the thought of leaving pains me and it never does.

My mind wanders to all the people I've hurt and left, their faces flicking through my mind. I close my eyes and go back to the memories, the ones I choose to forget, the ones that are the real reason why I'm more sour than I am sweet.

I can feel sleep coming but I shake my head slightly, I have to stay awake. I have to make sure everything's okay. I look back down at Ash as I get to my feet. "Everything's gonna be okay." I whispear and iss him lightly on the head. 

I sit on the ground in front of the swing, thinking about the last person I hurt. His name was Matt Brookser and I hurt worse than I've ever hurt anyone. It's my fault he's the way he is even if trouble seems to follow me around, I know that I cause most of it. Matt is an example of that.

Fresh tears start to fall from my yellow eyes as I think about Matt. Mike reminds me so much of Matt it hurts. And now, after being with Ash for a while, I can see bits of Matt in him too. Not as much as Mike but it's still there.

I lean my head back on the swing and close my eyes, I don't think I'll be able to leave this time if something happens. I know I'll have to but it'll kill me to leave Ash and Mike.

The End

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