Trouble yet again...Mature

Ash River

My head was else where, so I didn't pick up on Jade bursting through the door. She stumbled towards me in alarming way, I caught her shaking body.

"What's wrong?" I demanded making her look into my eyes.

"Billie and Mike." She whispered.

In a matter of minutes we were speeding down the streets, I need a clue something that would tell me where I was going. Then I heard police car behind us.

"Get to back of the car." I order Jade who gave me a puzzled look. "Now." I braked, this time she did as I asked. I stopped the car and the police officer got out her car. Rachel hmm this is lucky.

"Well well, Ash River what's the problem this time?" Rachel the female police officer asked me, leaning into my window.

"Missed seeing you behind me and not just on the road." I winked at her. She smiled too thinking of a distance memory of us together.

"Ash you know that it's 40 speeds limit around here, what was you doing, 70, 80?" She asked.

"Just 50, ok fine 58." I lied actually it was more like 90, I preyed that Jade would stay quite and hidden, the last thing I needed was Rachel seeing her.

"How we going to work this out then?" She wondered I smiled.

"The sits still go back, if you remember from last time you caught me speeding." I smoothed talked said to her, I could see her thinking this through very carefully.

She lent in even more and replied. "Don't let me catch you again." I pulled her lips onto mine. I pulled back driving away down the street, rubbing her horrible lip stick of my lips. Ugh!

"Can I come out now?" Jade voice asked from the back, for a moment I nearly forgot about her.

"Sure." I replied the window was still open, leaves came flying in my clue.

"You wasn't really going to do anything with that police office was you?" Instead of answering her, I put my foot down and headed for the coffee shop.

  What is it with these people? I thought sighing as parked my black Porsche and walking over to the coffee shop, Jade following me. I hardly slept last night in fact I didn't. Now I was feeling the tiredness in my body. But as I got closer I didn't think that I was going to be ordering a cup of coffee anytime soon.

The kid what was he name Mitch no Mike that's it. Was trying to pin some guy down in head lock, but the guy was smiling then he rolled and slammed Mike head on the floor. Ouch! I thought to my self. The guy turned to Billie then who was stood by a chair looking froze. Everyone else in the coffee shop had already gone.

"Like I said to your friend here, your powers won't work around me." The guy said to Billie. Time to save the damsel in distress, again. The guy grabbed Billie wrist, but I stepped in there way.

"Ash? Jade" Billie voice sounded surprise to see me and Jade.

"Billie what's going on where's Mike"? Jade asked in a worried voice.

"O' someone else with some ‘superhero' powers." He laughed. "I'll move out of my way if I were you." I recognized him now; I would always remember those dark blue eyes.

"Really well I don't need my powers to make you leave us alone, Jason." I replied.

"You know him?" Billie asked looking at both of us.

"Come on Ash, you know that I can kick your butt. How's your neck?" I suspended the urge to touch my neck. He let go of Billie and lung for me. We rolled on the floor, grunting and trying to get a hit in. I kicked him off me sending him flying into the wall. A tiny bit of blood fell from my lip, Jason got up glaring at me.

"Just like old times hey Ash, I never did ask. How are your parents?" This sent red hot fury around my body. Next thing I knew my fists were slamming into his face. I picked him up and kicked him; he landed near Billie who was quick to react. She grabbed a broke chair leg and hit just as Jason tried touch her.

Suddenly, Mike sprung to life, he came over to stand next to me and he let lose his power, aiming it Jason. Jason body shock from the power, and then he was just lying there, unconscious. Jade who had gone pull Billie out of way gasped seeing Jason.

All four of us just stood there looking at one another.

"Did I miss much?" Mike said breaking the silence. I had to hide my smile; as I went over to Jason body.

"Is he"-

"No unconscious. I'll just take the trash out, while I'm doing that one of you makes me a coffee- black no sugar." Cutting Billie off and picking up Jason body, and true to my word I dump him in the trash bins behind the coffee shop.    







The End

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