Sixth SenseMature

Jade Sapphire

After the weird encounter with Ash, I couldn't seem to go to sleep. My mind and body were both extremely weary but something kept me awake. Weather it's the fear of another nightmare or just the fact that I was feeling a bit weird...I coudn't go back and lie down.

I wandered around the huge house, descending up and down the stairs which creaked a bit quietly. I walked out the house towards the porch, and sat down on a small wooden chair, staring off into the ether.

My life had taken a sudden twist...a power I never I'd once had...a few friends that also seemed equally strange as me. I hadn't quite discovered if they had powers too..but by the feeling I had, I knew they did.

A sudden peircing pain shot through my chest and I gasped out loud.

Find Mike and Billie.

Clutching to my test, I shot back into the house, and I knew they weren't inside the moment I set step into it. I slammed the door open, startling Ash who got up instantly.

I stumbled towards him and he caught me, gripping me by the shoulders.

"What's wrong?"

Looking up into his dark green orbs, I whispered weakly as another spasm hit my chest, "Billie and Mike."

The End

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