Wierd peopleMature

"She isn't alone." I place the trey on the table.

"Who is this?Is he important to you?" The guy bothers Billie, She opens her mouth and closes it, then speaks.

"He is a friend."

" Interesting what about me?"

" Are looking for something guy? Cause if you are you aren't going to find anything here."

"Oh but I did." He says with a smile grabbing a hold of her wrist tightly,and a fist comes flying at my face taking me by surprise I hit the floor. The whole entire place exploding with anger.

" They will be quite happy that I retrieved her for them, especially rate under the only people who can defend her." He says my vision returning slowly, it took me a moment to realize who them was.

"Your work for those bastards?"

" Worship em." The guys says insanely planting a foot on my chest. I look to see Billy still in her seat unsure what to do. He presses hard on my chest making the air escape.

"Billie punch him!" I gasp trying to gather a charge in my hand but the energy kept dieing away.

"Ha your powerless around me, I dampen powers. The elders gave me this power." He cackles. I grab his foot and with all the strength in my harm I yank him right hitting his head on the seat.  I get up gasping for air He tackles me to ground punching repeatedly on the head my vision blackening each time. I raise my arm grabbing his fist barely being able to see I get him in the nose feeling warm blood dripping onto my face, why isn't anybody helping? I punch him on the head again as he kicks me off sending me flying into a table, I get up stumbling in pain, my vision returning he walks over his face covered in his own blood, but he was full of stamina running forward I put him a headlock and lazily pin him to the ground trying to choke him he just roll over and grabs my head slamming it into the ground and everything went out.

Shit! Losing there wasn't really an option.

The End

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