"I'm a bit hungry." I say looking down at my sleeves.

"Okay that's get something to eat." Mike says.

I nod, there's a small coffee shop around the corner that sells breakfast.

We walk there in silence and Mike opens the door for me. "Thanks." I mutter as I go in.

Hardly anyone's in here, only some people who worked overtime last night. I sit down at the table near the window and Mike sits next to me. "What do you want to eat?" I shrug.

"I'll just have some toast." I mutter and Mike gets up and goes to the counter to order.

"Hello there." A guy says then sits down in Mikes seat. I open my mouth only to close it again. My eyes sweep over to Mike who is now walking back to the table, a hard expression on his face.

"So what's a girl like you doing in a place like this alone?" He asks me. I lower my eyes, trying to  be brave enough to talk back.

The End

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