Mike: YupMature

"Er, yeah, why do you think you know something that might make me visable again?" She asks.

" Yup.You said shock, well my specialty, my fingers snap with electricity. This might be a little more then the shock you get from everyday things." I say as I release the static electricity.

"Ow." She says her body reappearing.

" Sorry." I say quietly finding myself too tired to say anything else. It I look at clock in the hall it was almost 5 in the morning.

"At this rate i'm not going to sleep my body hurts to much and its gonna take a while to get comfortable, do you want to get a coffee or an energy drink with me?" I ask , at this point not caring what she said.

"Uh sure, you don't mind if I'm quiet though?"

" Its okay. Its nice to have company even if they don't talk." I say walking down the stairs, and getting my shoes walking into the cold crisp morning air.

"I like this time in the day so quiet and the air so undisturbed and peaceful I sometime wish it could always be like this." I say before walking in whatever direction felt like it had a corner store or a coffee shop.

"Mike do you think they will come?" Billie asks.

"Suns coming up soo probably not, and even if they do I think I can handle another fight." I say with confidence  but inside I knew I couldn't but those blood suckers weren't coming out to get us the sun was coming up in a few minutes.

" I meant tonight."

"Hard to say, we should talk about it to the others , I don't think it would be safe to leave you alone though." I say.  Ah gas station sign becomes visable up ahead," What do you want, are you hungry or just wanting something to wake you up?" I ask.

The End

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