The girl leaves me and Mike alone. We stood there in silence, most times I like silences but this isn't one of those times. This is just a strange silence, one thats dragging on for too long.

"Why did you go to those monsters if you knew they were going to drink your blood?" Mike breaks the silence. I look at him.

"I didn't know they were. Normally, one of the 'masters' just goes to bite me and I'm shocked then I turn visable but this time Robert was making me visable instead. He got carried away." I mutter, rubbing the mark on my neck where Robert bit me.

Silence again.

"I'm going to go get some sleep." I mutter then walk off to the house quickly. My face is burning, why couldn't I think of something to say? I did I have to run away, we were just talking? Amis words come into my mind. "Idiot" I sigh. She's right, I am an idiot.

I wander the house for a bit, finding Amis room but she's fast asleep so there's no point waking her. I close the door quietly and go to another one. It's locked, how odd. I wonder what's behind this door?

I hear footsteps coming, I'm scared. Before I can run into a room Ash comes up to the room. I wince, he'll know I tried to open it. Will he be angry?

Instead of saying anything to me, Ash ignores me, like I'm not even there. How rude. He picks up a key then opens the door. He doesn't go in, he just stands there. I frown, what's in there?

I stand behind him and look. It's a bedroom. A bedroom that's like time hasn't moved on from inside it. Like no one has been in there for ages.

Ash locks the door and puts away the key.

Oh, I get it, no one has been in there for ages. But why? Why would Ash leave a perfectly good room?

I shake my head, he's not making sence. He has a room that he doesn't go into yet he locks and he ignores me when I was right in front of him.

Ash walks away and goes into Jades room. Now what's he doing?

I can hear them talk, something about vampire bites.

Ash comes out of that room and goes into another, that must be his room. I stand in the doorframe, wondering if I should knock or just leave him alone. As soon as his head hits his pillow he falls asleep. Poor guy, he must be tired.

I look down at my feet and jump out of my skin. Not again! Instead of seeing my brown legs I see nothing but a glowing outline of them, I know no one else would be able to see this, except Amilie and Karel.

This is why Ash didn't say anything to me, he must of not seen me. How do I turn it off? There's no way I'm going back to the elders.

Ash starts to mutter something. Something about art work and his parents and a car. I frown, what's he on about?

Suddenly he's awake and gasping. Urgh, what do I do? I turn around, if he knew I saw him have a nightmare or whatever that was I'm sure he won't be happy with me but what if he just needs someone to talk to about it, that's what some people want. I shake my head, no, not Ash. He's not the type who would want help.

I walk off, chewing my lip.

I bump into something. "Ouch." I say as I rub my head, that hurt.

"Billie? Was that you who I bumped into?" Mike whispears, trying not to wake anyone up.

"Sorry again Mike."

"Why can't I see yo... Oh. You're invisable."

"Yup." I say.

"How do you turn back, to being visable I mean."

I shrug. "I need a shock, anykind of shock, that normally brings me back." I mutter, remembering when I first was invisable and I thought I was going to get hit by the lawnmowor car thing. That shocked me and my mother who was driving it.

"Any shock?" Mike asks. I nod. I roll my eyes, duh, he can't see in the dark!

"Er, yeah, why do you think you know something that might make me visable again?"

The End

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