Ash: DreamsMature

Ash River

Everyone had found a room to rest in, I was walking around the house unable to sleep. I went up to my mum's and dad's room, I made sure that no one took this room. I opened the door with the key that I hind under a floorboard, the door made quite creek as I stepped inside. Everything was the same as they left it that day, the half glass of water still on the side, bed sheets pulled back; curtains only open a creak letting some light in. The wardrobes still filled with there clothes, shelves gathering dust, the clock still ticking away.

It's my entire fault; they should have gone sooner...

Then I could hear the sound of someone whimpering a few doors down. I sighed and left the room locking it, hiding the key. It was coming from Jade's room; I opened her door I went over to her, she was sweating and gasping for air. I touched her damp forehead she shivers under my touch; she was soo warm then her eyes fluttered open. I stepped away still not taking my eyes off her, then she saw me.

"Ashhh, whatt, what are... you doing?" Jade gasped out.  

 "Was you just having a nightmare?" Turing the question back to her.

"I. Erm." Again I notice her reach to her neck, something that  I usually do sometimes.

"It was just a dream, no bite marks." I reassured her.

"How did you know that it...?" She tailed off.

"The way that you are acting, tracing your neck for bite marks common thing to do after dreaming about vampires." I informed her walking out her door.

Ash, Ash!" She called after me. "Hey I'm talking to you." I ignored her walking to my room, unbuttoning my black shirt. I closed my door and put my shirt on the chair and clasped on my bed.


"Oliver have we got everything?"

"Yes Rachel, now come on the traffic going to be busy on the motorway."

"We should have gone earlier, but then we wouldn't have seen Ash art display."

"Mum, I wouldn't have minded, honest Grandma and Granddad were picking me up." I told them both as they went into the car.

"No this is important to you, we love your art work and we love you Ash." My mum kissed my forehead.

"Be good Ash for Grandma and Granddad we be back on Sunday night." My dad waved goodbye and they zoomed off down the street.

But they never made the motorway...


Now I was the one gasping for air trying to calm down. I couldn't believe this; typical the day I go into my parent's room, I have a dream about the day they died. I blocked that day out, but I could never forget the lorry. The big black lorry. The shirked of tires, the sound of metal crashing, and the sound of my mother scream coming from the car.    

The End

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