First NightmareMature

Jade Sapphire

“You idiot. What’s wrong with you?! You nearly got yourself killed and now you’re “remembering” it?!” Amilie yelled.

Billie’s eyes started welling up with tears and I had a feeling they were going to spill over any second.

“Hey, back off. She’s already feeling bad enough with whatever had happened to her; you don’t need to make her feel worse,” I snapped at Amilie.

She glared back at me. “You don’t even know what happened so why don’t you stay out of it?”

“I will when you stop yelling at her.”

We stared intensely at each other for a few minutes, with me trying not to lower my gaze, when finally Amilie “humphed” and stomped off. I knew that Amilie and I probably wouldn’t be on talking terms for a long time.

I turned back to Billie and Mike who were both staring at me, clearly surprised.

“Sorry, I have a bit of a temper at times.”

“No-um, thanks. For standing up for me,” Billie said.

I smiled at her, thinking to myself how today has been the weirdest day of my life.


After leaving Mike and Billie alone, telling them I had to rest, I went back up to the room inside the house. I felt like I was drained of my energy, like I was going to go into a coma any second. I had woken up somehow when I felt a jolt of power hit me but that power hadn’t quite given me the energy I’d needed.

I lay down on the bed and the moment my head hit the pillow, I was out.


His cold fingers…I felt them on my face again. Moving through the center of my face, from my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, to my lips, and then my neck…

“Shh…it won’t hurt…”

His one finger pressed against the blood vessel on my neck and I gasped. I could feel him getting closer to my neck, closer, closer…then…his fangs sunk deep into my neck.


I woke up, gasping for breath. My hands instinctively went to my neck searching it for the mark. Then dropping my hands to my side, I brought my knees to my chest and rocked myself. Today…today’s been very strange.

After a few minutes of calming myself down, I looked up and found myself staring into Ash River’s vampire like face.  

The End

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