Ash: Blood on the CarpetMature

Ash River

Somehow we all managed to climb out of the car and make it to the front door of my house. I parked the Porsche by the door so we could carry the ‘injured' inside. Well when I say ‘we' I meant them.

"Not going to helps carry them?" Billie the girl with the yellow eyes was called.

"Unless you want to climb through the window, let me open the door to make it easier." I shot back at her, unlocking the door and turning the lights on in the hallway.

"Nice place you got here." I turned to look at Amilie, who was struggling carry the new girl. The others were carrying the kid called Mike, who Billie made me drive back for.

"Thanks here let me." I walked over to Amilie.

"No, its ok I've"-

By this point I scooped the girl up into my arms and was carrying upstairs to one of the free bedrooms of my parent's house. I could hear the others following my lead making passing comments as they went.     

I lay the girl on the bed feeling slightly out of place now, I wasn't used to this. Everyone else came in then carrying the kid, I say kid he looked about 16 or 17 something like that, but what did I care?

"There better not be any blood on the carpet." I said under my breath looking blood on his body.

"Not a drop, his wounds are healing and the girl not wounded." Karel informed me. How did she hear that?

"Yer...don't worry I tired not to... get any blood on your...expensive carpet." Mike voice suddenly breathed out lying on the other bed in the room.

"O'back with us?" I said to him raising an eyebrow.

"Unfortunately for you yes I am." I could just hear the smile in his smug face.

"Hey kid if it wasn't for me, then your all still be in the cave, waiting like a pack lunch for the vampires down there." I told him

"I had it covered." His voice was rising in anger as he spoke to me.

"Yer looked that way, especially just with the vampires that dragged you out of my car." I stepped closer to him; the wind picked up and blows in from the open window.

Mike strength seemed to be coming back to him because he stood up glaring at me.

"Stop this now!" Karel voice rang out to us; I ignored keeping deep green eyes on Mikes bluely orange eyes. 

"Mike Ash stop it!" Amilie shouted.

The wind blow around my body I could feel my power coming to me, suddenly Billie came into my eye sight blocking Mike.

"Stop it now boys." Her voice was full of commandment like it was in the car, only this time I let my power go, making me look good. Mike power was coming to him too.

"Stay out of this Billie." Mike said trying to control his voice.

"No I won't, not while you pair are squealing each other off." She turned to Mike and carried on. "Mike, he's just saved us all, then me and now you. The listed you could do is say thank you." Then she turned to me, and I turned on my dazing smile to soften her up. "Will you stop being" Trying to think of the word and not smile back at me.

"Yes? Tell you what I'll leave you think of that of that word, he can calm down and see if you can wake her up from with your powers?" I pointed to the girl who was still lying on the bed asleep as such.

I walked out the room not meeting any of there eyes, but Karle stopped me by putting her hand on my arm as I passed the door.

"Thank you Ash." She said in a quite voice. I just nodded in response then made my way down the stairs and went into the garden.

It felt good to be out here out in the open with the nature. I could hear there voices from the open window where I stood.

"Mike you have got to calm down, he only trying to help." That was Amilie voice.

"I don't trust him ok, something about him I don't know." Mike huffed.

"Feeling mutual kid." I sighed leaning against the wall.

"Defensive, wanting to start a fight with Mike." Billie was standing watching me; the sun was just starting to come up by this point.   

"Shouldn't you be up there, waking the other girl up?" I asked changing the subject.

"Karel the others are on it, I came to get some air." She turned her glossy black hair and ran her slender fingers through it. "And to say erm."

I went over to her caught her hand for some reason. "Yes?"

"Th- Thank you Ash, with the vampire and everything, I'll probably be dead."

"He wouldn't have been able to take all of your blood, not at once. Half drained maybe, he would have kept you for later." I told her letting go of her hand that was warming up like her face.

"How do you know that?" Her voice was quite. Atomically my hand went up to the bite mark on the left side of my neck.

"Trust me I know." Then I walked away back into the house and left her wondering in the garden.  


The End

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