Mike: WatchingMature

I feel the cold pavement underneath my body, my body didn't hurt like it used to yet I couldn't move. Maybe I was just closer to death.No I can't allow myself to die if I'm awake! My eyelids move out of the way revealing the sun aproaching the horizon and a street filled with blood. To my right was a girl , I don't think I've seen her before, she was breathing but was definetly out cold. I try to stand up but my body refuses to move. " Damm" I think to myself. I hear the engine of car slowing down in a few a tire enters my line of sight, then banging noises of a doors opening and closing.  I see a few pairs shoes walking towards.

"He is still alive." I hear Ash's voice," Oh and who is this?" He notices the girl.

"That vampire over there is dead." Amille says.

" I wouldn't be to sure." Karel says," He seems pretty dead but part of him is still living."

I wondered which vampire they where speaking about?

"Lets get the girl into the car first." Ash orders while opening the porsche door.

"How we going to fit everyone in here there is only one seat left." Amille questions Ash.

"Its going to be a tight fit everyone skooch over!" Ash says. A minute later its my turn to be moved. I try moving myself still no success. My head rolls to the side someone lefts my chest up.

"Need some help here he is pretty heavy." Amille walks over picking my feet.

"Wow his eyes are open,and his eyes are following his movements."

"He's awake?" Ash says.

"Or he is dead." She comments

"Ne he is breathing, I wonder why he hasn't moved or said anything though hope his neck isn't broken.

No it isn't because I could still feel my whole entire body which was somehow unhurt how is that possible? My body slumps into the cramped back seat of the porsche along with the girl who may have saved my life and Billie, Amille enters the other side.

" It won't be long until we get to my house." Ash says as the car begins to roll forwards.

I hope it won't be long until I get control over my body agian.

The End

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