Going BackMature


Ash is still driving like a madman even though Mike has been dragged out of the car by vampires! My eyes are searching everyones face, trying to get their attention. This is so not good!  The one time I want people to look at me is the time when they treat me like I am invisable!

My yellow eyes quickly go onto the mirror. I in relief, I am visable.

I try and pull my self up more but am still too weak. Stupid Robert taking too much blood! I lick my dry lips and open my mouth. No sound comes out. I frown and try again.

"Hey." My voice doesn't make any sound. I frown again as no one seems to hear me. I glare at Karel, she should be able to hear me, her being a psychic and all. "K.Karel." My voice is quiet and rough, much quieter than normal but Karel seems to hear me.

"What is it Billie?" She asks me in a soft voice. "Mike." I breath deeply, just saying those words is taking a lot out of me. I can feel myself becoming more weak. I try and sit up again, sweat running down my face. I sigh and give up.

The car zoomed around another corner.

"What is it Billie?" Amilie Saunders asks me. I open my mouth but Karel interupts me. "She said something about Mike." I smile weakly at Karel. I can see Amilie frown and shake her head stubbonly. I sigh. She's over protective at times, she really is. She knows that vampires took Mike and she thinks I'm too weak to face them again. If they're still there that is. I know she's right. I am too weak but I still want to go back.

"Go. Back. For. Mike." My voice is getting stronger eventhough I'm panting. Karel tells Ash and Amilie what I said. Ash grunts and says something in a low voice and Amilie shakes her head.

"Billie we are not going back there. You're too weak." Amilie tells me softly. My frown deepens. "I want. To go. Back for. Mike." I say, my voice rising. Amilie looks at me. Her eyes stubbon but melts away a bit when our eyes lock. She sighs and shakes her head then turns to Ash.

"Go back." Amilie says, her voice soft, defeated. I smile again but it quickly goes away when Ash shakes his head. "No way. We're getting out of here." He announces in a leader kind of way.

I scowl at him and he scowls back.

"Go back." I say, my voice close to normal.

Ash shakes his head, making me growl.

"Go back." I say through gritted teeth.

He tightens his hands on the wheel.

"GO BACK!" I yell at the top of my lungs making everyone jump in surprise. Surprised that I had enough energy to yell and surprised because that's the loudest I have ever been in my life.

I'm shaking with anger and my dry throat hurts. My body feels a bit weak but I ignore the wanting to collapse back into the cars chair. I sit up as straight as I can and scowl at Ash.

"Go back now!" I say in my normal voice, but my eyes are deadly threatening. He swollows tightly but carries on driving.

Anger is pulsing through my viens, more than it ever has before.

I can hear Amilie gasp and Karel move closer to me, putting a hand on my brown arm. "Billie calm down." Karel tells me but I ignore her, still staring at Ash. "Billie. Calm it." Amilies voice travels to me but I still don't stop staring.

"Ash. Do what she says." Amilie orders him. He throws her a questioning glance. "Ash do it." Ash shakes his head. "You have got to be kidding me. You said so yourself, she's too weak to go." Ash is glaring at the road.

I can feel my blood boiling. Who does he think he is, saying when I can go? My breath is rough but not because of weakeness but out of anger.

"Ash go back now!" Amilie nearly yells. Ashs jaw tightens. "Why should I?" He snapps. "Because if you don't she's going to go invisable again and this time we won't get her back!" Amilie shouts at him, her voice close to tears.

That's the first time I have ever heard her voice like that. She never cries.

Ashs gaze turns to me then back to the road.

"Please." My voice is weak again but loud enough for him to hear. He growls then, after turn several corners, he turns back. Speeding down the streets back to where Mike is.

I fall back into my seat, relaxed. I just hope we get there in time.


The End

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