Word Of The Day: HellMature

 Jade Sapphire


I’m not one to go around taking a promenade in the early hours of the morning. Today, I was compelled to by this sixth sense inside me. And that’s how I found myself, walking along the dark alleyways of my world. Why was it that I was here? No idea. But I knew that I was going to be needed somehow. Call it instinct or sheer stupidity, I was here.

I was just taking a turn in the corner of the alley way when I heard a screeching sound of tires. I backed up as a black Porsche came sliding in front of me.

A familiar boy got out the car and muttered something to the people inside. I remembered seeing him before a few times, just couldn’t remember his name. The car drove away and I was left to stare at the scene in front of me. There were three of them…vampires.

“Oh hell…” I murmured backing up, so I was hidden by the shadows.

I could say that it scared the shit out of me, seeing those three blood-sucking monsters right there. Is this what my sixth sense wanted me to be here for? To face my death? Hell, this wasn’t good. Not to mention, the one person that the vampires were up against was human. He was like me…and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I saw them hurt him really bad, leaving him to die. I didn’t understand why I just hadn’t run the moment I got there, run away before they tracked me. But instead, I’d stood my ground and had to have seen everything that happened. How sentimental of me…

With the blood that surrounded him, the vampires couldn’t smell me and they left him for the gods. When I was sure they were gone, I stepped out of the shadows and ran towards the boy, falling on my knees in front of him.

“Are you-you’re-! We need to get you of here.”

I put one of his arms on my shoulder as I supported him up. Just as I thought that we’d get away and I’d be able to save him, and me, I heard them.

“Another human. How fascinating.”

I closed my eyes shut and breathed deeply. Turning around I saw him, that one vampire who’d really scared the crap out of me, Eric. He’d come back to check on the boy, but now, he’d found me.

Simply put: this was hell.

“Trying to help your little comrade eh? I’ll let you go girl. Just leave him behind, and run. Run away from here and forget this ever happened.”

My knees were shaking and I felt vulnerable as ever but how I was able to talk back to him, I’m not sure about.


“What did you say?” Eric said narrowing his eyes at me.

“I said no. And it’d be best for you to leave.”

He laughed with no humor in that silent rumble from his throat.

“Are you threatening me, mortal?”

“It’s best for you to leave,” I repeated.

“Might as well finish both of you off now. You’re both mouth-watering.”

I winced at the word’s he’d said and backed up one step with every two he took. Damn, this guy I was helping was a load.

“Don’t come near me.”

In less then a split second he was in front of me, his cold hand tracing one side of my face. I flinched away from him.

“Shh…it won’t hurt…it’s alright…”

He tilted my chin up forcefully and I flinched again. I felt him getting closer to my neck. The very scent of him was driving me crazy and a sudden anger boiled inside me.


I felt it, like a powerful breeze had been emitted from me. I shut my eyes tightly, with my hands clamped shut over my ear, I sung to myself in a shaky breath, “Don’t worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing is going to be alright”. Ironic right? But that was me. And when I opened my eyes, everything was alright.

Eric was five meters away from me, his body unmoving and the boy, Mike (I remembered his name now) was alive and breathing.

The last thought I had before losing consciousness was my cuss word of the day.


The End

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