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I didn't trust this guy he seemed so secretive, lots of suspicions entered my head,but I held my tounge, I will watch this guy before I act. I look out the window it was probably around 1-3 three in the morning judging by how dark it was. It didn't seem that there ever could be vampires on such a peaceful night as this but what I had seen tonight was inescapable. I continue to look out the window when my right arm starts acting up and electricity begins to light the back seats of the Porsche.

"Oi turn the light off kid!" Ash says  the glare was shining back off the windshield.

"I can't. Stupid power what are you doing?" I ask concentrating on my arm and deactivating my power. Outside something hits the car, our back ends starts sliding towards the curb. Ash floors the accelerator while trying to stabilize the car. I look out side and see them chasing us. I unbuckle the seat belt quickly and open the door.

"Got to go seems these guys are still a little bit pissy." I say.

"Mike.."  I hear Billie say but I don't hear the rest as my shoes skid across the pavement electricity burning away at the ground as I come to a stop. The car speeds up ahead.  That guy better not come back for me or my whole entire stunt here will be for nothing.

"Its the electric brat, again."One says while three others appear beside him on a roof.

"He is in the way he must be eliminated." the vampire on the right says.

"I will take him out sirs, he will be a waste of your skills." The one on the left says.

"Oi stop talking about me, I will take you all on!" I shout up at them.

"Kid right now I would love to play but time is short. Tim kill him." The one in the middle says before him and the one on the right takes off. The left one rushes towards me I side step and kick him in the face. Before taking after his friends. The vampire catches up while I was using my inhuman agility.

"I am your opponent!" He snarls while throwing up a force field. I build up a ball of electricity and shatter it. In my left hand I build up another bolt pointing it at him.

"Is that so?Well not for long." I say before letting it go and it hits the younger vampire sending him flying through the buildings. I catch up the other two.

"Your back already?" They both stop in front of me," That's surprising, perhaps  we shouldn't of have sent Tim after you. I hope we don't pay dearly for our mistake." One says solemnly. The other rushes forwards before I could react, his fist hits my stomach.

"Uh!" The air escapes my longs along with some blood.  I  go back ten feet landing on my back.

"Pathetic mortal. Keep laying there and I will let you live, but if you dare get up I will make it the end of you!" I take heavy breaths trying to re-inflate my lungs the vampire begins to walk away.

"Good choice kid."  I appear in front of him.

"I'm not finished yet."  I say.

"Huh,troublesome. Eric How much time do we have?"

"About 2 hours."

"More then enough time to kill this brat." He rushes forwards I dart backwards gaining electricity.

 I roll to the side as his arm shoots up to get me. Releasing the electricity the vampire is engulfed but it all explodes off of him.

"Your gonna have to do better than that kid. Your going to have a want to kill me if you want to win." He stands as a dark ball forms in his hands.

"Besides I have more than just being really fast and strong." The ball goes forwards I dart out of the way just as it hits the ground and explodes. The wind and shock wave nearly blow me off my feet.  This guy just hit a whole new level of scary.  I charge up more electricity as he runs forwards. I begin to glow as I reach my limit electricity hitting the ground  and making small exploding I dodge his palm which held another of those weird explosive ball things I punch him on the side releasing electricity as I shock him. He yelps a little bit as he burn but far from hurt.

"Good your getting better, that actually kind of hurt, but I'm only throwing the basics at you. While your fighting with 100 percent of your ability your not going to last long." He said, and I knew I was getting tired I never actually had to use my ability in combat before. I charge forwards knowing I had once chance to beat this guy. The ground I walked exploded as I went forwards I ducked underneath his attack and released it all at his chest. It exploded with blood and burnt flesh. After the extremely bright light had disappeared the vampire stood with a large hole in his chest which you where able to put your head through. He fell backwards somehow still alive.

Eric the other vampire came at me I dodged just in niche of time but several bolts of flame hit me in mid air and slammed into a stone wall, Panting hard  he comes over and kicks me hard in the chest, then lifting me up punching me in the face a few times, I was finished all energy I had left.

"Pathetic, you pathetic mortal beat Torren. I should kill you but out of respect I will let you die slowly with your crushed organs." He slams me into the wall, "Enjoy your last 30 minutes of your life in regret but at least you saved your friends... For now."

I slide down leaving a streak of blood on the wall, the world darkening.

"Someone." I say before it all disappears.


The End

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