Ash River

Lying in bed that night I couldn't sake that feeling off. You know the guilty feeling, that you could have done more. But what else could I have done? I rescue that girl with the golden yellow eyes. Well you could have helped them to get out there. That annoying voice was saying in the back of my head. But I don't let people get close to me, the only person you can rely on it yourself. There still down there, in the tunnel, with the bloodsuckers. What were they doing down there anyway? Unless they had some sort of powers, like me. I didn't recognize any of them; I couldn't get a good sense at their powers. To busy playing the superhero. Yer you ‘superhero', saving the pretty girl.

 I got up fed up with arguing with myself, grabbing some black jeans and putting them on. I was looking in the mirror as I buttoned up my black shirt, stopping when I saw Robert bite mark on the left side of my neck. It never healed no matter what I did to it. I was marked for life, I didn't bother hiding the mark, no-one said anything about it, the once that didn't know about vampires.

Taking the car keys to my Porsche Panamera and grabbing my leather jacket, I made my way down the stairs. People would think me as a flash git mostly there were right, my parents died when I was a kid, but left me a account that I couldn't open until I was 18. Boy thank you mum and dad, I thought as I accelerated down the quite sleepy streets.

I broke into the café, then made my way though the café to the trap door covered by the shadows. I opened the door quietly sensing as I made my way down the ladder. That's when things turned interesting.

"Vampire, quick!" A bright light suddenly came shooting towards me; I ducked just in time for someone to shout.

"No it's the boy from before, the one who helped me Mike."

I stayed where I was looking at the three faces in front of me. "Do you think that we can just all calm down, greez?"

"Calm down, with you mysteriously showing up again, yer sure." The boy rolled his blue eyes at me.

"Mike, he's not a vampire, mysterious as he does look, he won't bite into your neck." The girl with brown wavy hair told the boy, touching his shoulder. "What is it that you want?"

"Then what is he?" The boy interrupted before I could speck.

"His powers control the Nature." She informed them all. Who was this girl?

"Does it speak?" The girl with golden yellow eyes shot at me, sarcastically ran across her face.

"It even has a name." I shot back to her. "But for now, I'm going to help you, even with my better judgement."

"How do we know that we can trust you?" The boy asked, looking me over.

"How do I know that I can trust you?" That shut him up. "Look, trust is hard for me, as well as it is for you all to trust me. But something telling me, that I've got to somehow trust you." I admitted to the strangers looking away not wanting to meet their eyes.

"How are you going to help us then?" The girl with brown hair asked.

"I can drive you back to my apartment, you can rest there or whatever." I shrugged.

"Thank you that would be a great help to us." She replied.

10 minutes later we were all by my car, the girl with the brown hair took the sit in the front, the boy with the blue eyes took the back sit.

"Thank you by the way." The girl with the yellow golden eyes said quietly.

"Erm. Don't mention it."

"What's your name?"

"Ash. Ash River." I told her

"Suits your power, that's a nature name." She smiled and went into the back sit.


The End

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