Ash River: StrangerMature

Ash River

"I'm Breeze." The waitress with golden hair and blue eyes informed me taking the empty sit. "I've seen you around here a few times."

"Probably because you work here." I shot back not interested.

"You're funny." She replied giggling her hand rested lightly on my pale skinned hand. "That's an interesting ring." She says brushing her finger over my emerald ring.

I wasn't listening to her; instead my mind was else where. I could feel the nature calling me to attention. Something was happening, something close by. Breeze or whatever her name was, was still babbling away.

"Where are you going?" She said as I stood up, putting my black leather on over my black shirt. "You haven't even told me your name."

"I'm not in the mood sweetheart, especially for dumb blonde who thinks she can have anyone she wants'." Then I walked passed her shock form and went outside.

I go to the nearest tree, touching the bark. Trees where great sources of communication for someone like me, I could pick up on anything I wanted. There were seven of them, under the ground but only three heart beats. That only meant one thing. Vampires. Great. That also meant that they were underground, which could be used to my advantage. But how do I get there?

Suddenly, I was falling into the ground. Blackness was all around me, but even I could work out where I was. This was the Immortal Elders lair as it were. I could feel the wetness in the earth, smell it in the air, blood. Blood was being pouring into the ground. My eyes adjusted to see a girl being attacked by a vampire. This sickened me, knowing that your blood was pouring out of you against your own will. I had to stop this.

I went over to the vampire still feeding on the girl, and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up with furious blood red eyes, the girl's blood dripping down his throat.

"Long time no see." He snarled at me.

"So it has, Robert." The venom in my voice. "Leave her alone and I won't kill you."

"Kill me boy?" He smiled. "Why don't you take her place, let me finish you off we didn't get time before." I shuddered then feeling his old bite on my skin for before.

"Last chance Robert, leave her alone." My voice sounding deadly, my dark green eyes locked with his own. I could clasp this tunnel in a second, he knew too.

"Another time." He smiled at me, and then kissed the girl's bite mark. The girl fell lifelessly into my arms as Robert left. I picked her up, genteelly checking her pulse. When I looked up her eyes blinked a few times, showing me her yellow eyes. I carried her over to the other humans were, she tired to speak.

"Shh, you're safe now." I whispered in her ear, and then her eyes closed again.

"Where the hell did you suddenly come from?" A boy asked a little startled. "Are you a, vam"-

"Shut up and take her." I placed the girl in his arms, even though I didn't mind holding her. "I have to go."

I turned my back on them and vanished into the shadows.  






The End

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