The Costs Of Being VisableMature


"Leave them alone!" I yell out, annoyed that this is taking so long. "Come here then Billie. This is going to be different to last time." Marshall says with a smile. I swallow loudly but does what he says, after all how worse could it get?

Marshal holds out his hand and I take it. With his other hand he traces my face softly.

 "You haven't aged much since last time." I shrug. "It was only last year." I mumble. Marshall finds my neck and runs his finger tips over my pulse. He snifs deeply, a hungry smile playing on his face. "Some things never change." The elder muttered as he leans towards my neck.

I know what's going to happen, he's going to bite me but not drink from me. The shock of it always brings me back. I swallow deeply as Marshall is inches away from my neck.

"Master. Remember what we talked about?" Robert asks quickly. Marshall leans away and nods to Robert. "Of course Robert. I thought you had changed your mind, not doing it yourself that is." The immortal elders voice is smooth but I know he's regreating talking to Robert about something.

I frown and look to Ami, her face is just as confused as mine is. Karel has her brow creased and Mike is the most lost lookig out of all of us. "She's all yours." Marshall says and goes to sit on the highest stone, his fellow elders sitting on either sides of him.

Robert starts to walk towards me, his sence of smell guiding him towards me. I step back, not liking where this is going. He's now right is front of me, his eyes a horrible blood red. I take another step back but can't go any further. "Stupid forcefield." I curse under my breath.

Robert laughs and puts a hand to my neck. "Don't worry, it's just one bite." He says, his lips on my neck, making my blood run cold. "What's happening?" Mike asks. I feel sorry for him, he didn't know about all this and now he can't see what's happening to me.

Robert ignores him and bite through my skin hard. I gasp out as my blood flows through the cut in my neck and into Roberts mouth. I start to breath deeper, trying to pull away but knowing it's no good.

I grip onto the vampires arms as hard as I can to see if I can get him to stop. No use.

I shiver and hear my friends gasp. I must be visble again. My vision is going hazey. "Ami." I say, my voice weak. "Stop him. Why won't he stop?" I can feel my consiousness slipping away.

I mustn't sleep! I mustn't. Even though I want to. I can feel my blood getting sucked out of me and I can hear soft groaning from Robert. He's going to kill me. I know he isn't going to stop and when he does I'll be too weak to drink his blood to change into a vampire. Not that Iwant to be a vampire but at least I would be alive.

"What's he doing?" I can just about hear Mikes voice. "He's killing her." Karels voice is quiet, too quiet for her. "Stop it!" Ami yells at Robert but he ignores her. I'm struggerling to keep my yellow eyes open but somehow they are.

I look over to my friends, fear on all their faces. I know that my long black hair is probably on the earth, collecting mud but I don't care. I can't take my gave away from Mike, probably because I don't have the energy to but also so I can get him to create the light electricity he did earlier. I hope he can.I wish he can and if he does I'll be eneternally greatfull.

The End

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