I flicked my fingers, and a flame appeared in my palm. I watched as it flickered, and shone a red glow around my dark room. 

My parents were out again, but I was glad about that. I could pretend that it was my house, and I still didn't live with my mum and dad. I looked over to my pile of work, and sighed. I had best get onto that soon. 

I waved the flame away, and stood up. Looking at the top page, I read out the words 'statistics'. Could I really be bothered doing that? I decided that I couldn't. My stomach rumbled, and I patted it.

"There, there stomach. You will be fed." 

I ran downstairs and opened the fridge. Wow, what a surprise. Nothing. I raided my purse, and decided I'd eat out again. There was a fish and chips shop round the corner, so it wasn't far.

As I entered, three boys walked out. They were laughing, and joking, and I felt jealous that I didn't have anyone to come here with. Instead I was forced to eat alone. I didn't trust my self with friends. In high school, I had accidentally set my best friend's hair on fire. Of course, I couldn't just say I had sneezed and fire had come out, so I had made up a lie about matches. She wasn't impressed.

Something along the same lines happened in college, so now I've just given up. 

When my food came it was slightly cold, so I heated it up when no one was looking. Looking round the cafe, I saw a girl on the other side sat alone. It was clear she was blind. Another girl entered and the blind girl stood up and said something. I watched them talk, curiously and followed them with my eyes as they walked to the other end of the room. Then I got the shock of my life, as I saw a person appear next to the sink.

I couldn't speak. I just sat there as he walked over to the other two girls, with my mouth wide open. How? But? What?

 They disappeared down one of the tiles, and I was left gob smacked. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed him appear, but everyone else was concentrating on their company or food. 

I stood up and walked over to the tile. I was considering following them. Maybe I wasn't the only one with a power. As  I knelt down, a waitress walked over.

"Hey, what are you doing?" She snapped. I blushed. 

"I've dropped my ear ring. Sorry." I pretended to snatch something off the ground, and walked back over to my table. The waitress was eyeing me, carefully. 

I would just have to confront them when they came back. If they came back.


The End

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