Mike: I'amMature

She points at me.

" Yess maybe he should reveal more about himself." One one the vampires say.

" I'm Mike, Mike Terith, and you vampires found out, I control electricity. I attend the university, and don't believe in keeping secretes."  I say with spite, I was still a little angry about the forcefield and I was quite eager at getting even.

" I see, so otherwise do you know anything?" She asks.

" Nope nothing about vampires tonight, or that there was people in the same area with abilities."

" So your a new with all of this."  They all say except for Karel who was in the same posistion.

" Yes quite frankly. Now you know something about me, How about we leave this....... Wonderful place, and allow me to learn something about you."  I say hearing the vampires sniffing the air, they must be getting hungry, and whenever I went camping the mosquitoes always loved to drink my blood, I guess the vampires where eyeing like a free all you can eat buffet with actually good food.


The End

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