Immortal Elders.Mature


I go over to Mike. "I thought I told you not to make a fool of yourself." I tell him. Then I realise something's wrong. "Ami." I call her, my voice full of worry. "Stop it!" She yells out at the immortals. One of them snarls. "Why should we?" He says cocky.

"Do it or I'll make sure the light comes through in here, killing you all!" I yell out, the smile fades quickly. "Nice to see you too Billie. Or should I say hear." He smiles. I growl at him, making the others hiss.

"We want to speak to the elders!" Karel calls out calmly. "And what makes you think we are not them?" The male vampire steps forward. Me and Amilie knows he isn't but this is a test for Karel. "I can sence them. They are in the next cave." She says smiling.  The vampire starts clapping slowly.

"Very good, very good." He smiles, his white teeth blinding. I wince and walk towards the next cave slowly. "Billie. Don't go in there, they are eating." Karel calls out, stopping mein my tracks. "Billie, tut tut tut. You know we can smell your blood. Shame we can't have a tast..." "You leave her alone you filthy leech!" Ami yells out at the vampire.

I sigh and quickly walk back to the others. "What's the problem here Robert?" Asks one of the immortal elders coming out of the cave, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, to. His skin is ghostly, like all vampires, and his nails are long. I know that they are deadly sharp but his teeth are sharper.

I swallow deeply as a cold shiver runs down my spine. My breath is coming out quickly. It's like getting attacked by that gang but million times worse. Robert, the male vampire that tried to trick us, smiles.  "Master, we have visiters. They wish to talk to you mater." Robert bows.

"What is going on here brother?" Three more vampires come out of the cave smiling. "Ah, Amilie Saunders. And what do we have the pleasure seeing you again?" Says the eldest, Marshel. "The same sittuation as last time." Ami's voice is strong, confident. "Billie's here?" Asks the youngest of the Immortal Elders, Jeffoble. "H-Here." I squeak. What a great time to turn back to normal, scared, me.

Jeffoble smiles. "Ah, invisable aint?" Jeffoble asks, humor in his voice. "No she's just hiding under a rock. Yes she is invisable." Says Mike. I hush him. Now he's done it! "Andwho are these two?" Marshel asks pointing a pale finger at Karel and Mike.

I sigh as all three of them sniff deeply. A smile appears on all of their faces. "Come here Billie. It's time to make you visable again." Marshel calls out, his eyes sweeping around the whole cave. I swallow and he laughs. "Billie, the amount of times you come here, how you are still scared is a mystery." Marshel smiles. I grit my teeth.

He's right, I shouldn't be scared but I am. I'm shaking like mad, my blood is pumping around my body at double speed. I swallow deeply again, sweat running down my face. This is going to be hard to get away from.

The End

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