I can't see a darned thing and when billie says quietly , " Here we are, and please don't make a fool yourselves."  I wasn't sure how to react.

Even though I can hardly see my hand in front of my face , but I feel that the place we just walked into opened up by the drop in temperature and a slight air current.

" Hello." It was a dark sounding voice , that shook me to the bone. In fear my hand begins to electrify and I send blue light into a round chamber. I see the figures all around us, with sharp teeth, and very painful.

" Vampires." I say amazed and qiuetly. They hiss.

" Fool turn the light off!"  It doesn't help, I generate more electricity and begin to electrify to make small lightening strikes to the ground.  The hiss angrily now , I begin to take control of my fear , and my powers and it dies done but before I finish the world disapears as something slide over top of me. I outstretch my hand hitting something hard.

" Forcefield?" I say calmly.

A more breaths I take until I realise the air was getting thinner in here, I was slowly suffocating, as it got warmer in here.

The End

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