Karel walked briskly over the stone floor, listening to the clodding of feet all around her.  This morning, when setting out from her abode, she had hardly thought for a moment that she was going to end up going down a hole in a Fish and Chips shoppe to meet some 'Elders'.  In fact, that would probably rate very low on her To Do list.

However, she wasn't going to question any of this.  And if she was going to, this certainly wasn't the best time.  When something as big and intruiging as this is put in motion, it is best to just keep it rolling.

Breathing was somewhat difficult in the thick air of this room, and a foul stench caught the air.  This smell she couldn't identify, although she imagined it was some sort of mold.

Soon, Billie stopped.  She could tell by her heavy breathing that she was nervous, which bothered Karel.  From the moment she (figuratively, of course) set eyes on her, Billie never seemed like the type to scare easily.  That didn't really give her a pleasant first impression of the elders.

"Here we are."  Billie whispered to the group, "And please don't make a fool of yourselves."

The End

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