On The Way To See The Immortal EldersMature


I laugh at Ami, her face is very annoyed, knowingthat it's hard enough to get us in there without getting our heads ripped off. The guy who's just appeared looks around curiously. "Ami, he's not a psychic." Me and Karel say at the same time. I giggle again.

The new guys head whips around trying to see me. Amilie groan. "I don't care what he is, we need to get down here now!" Ami whispears her tone angry."I'll go first." Karel says and starts to walk towards the tile door. "Erm.." I start to protest, but Karel puts her hand up stopping me.

"Billie, I can see the way even without my sight." I sigh at Karel. The guy looks even more confused. Amilie gives us all evils. "Hurry up!" She hisses, looking around quickly. Karel gracefully goes to the trap door, using her cane to help her. She's gets in there just as gracefully. "You're next new boy." Ami says impatiently. He follows Karel.

I go in after him, Ami behind me. As soon as she gets in, she pulls the tile quickly back in place. Everything goes black. "Why is it so dark?" The guy asks. "The elders aren't too keen on light." I say then giggle, remembering last time I was here and hand a flash light. Talk about big mistake. I don't know why but I'm much more confident in the dark.

The new guy jumps at my voice."Who the fuck is that and why can't I see you?" Me, Ami and Karel laugh at him. "She's invisable." Karel says lightly. I bet the guys face would be so funny right now. "Invisable?" He asks, his voice showing he doesn't believe us. I roll my eyes. "You'll see me when the elders help me." I say smugly.

He jumpsagain at my voice. "Will you lot shut up! Billie, you should know that we have to quiet down here!" Amilie hisses again. I smile. "I'll lead the way." I say and try and get past the guy. As it's dark and narrow I fall over his foot. "Ow!" I hiss under my breath. "Who's that?" The guy asks.

"Me. Remember, the invisable one?" I say kind of annoyed. "Give me your hand and pull me out." I say, reaching up. He waits a while then reaches down. He hits me on the head. "Sorry." We both say. I can feel my face getting warmer again. So much for my one bit of confidence.

I hold onto his hand anyway and he helps me up. "Thanks." I mutter under my breath. "Hurry up!" Ami says from behind us. I can hear Karel start to move, I quickly rush in front of her. "No. If they see you, well, they won't waste any time with introdutions." I say,knowing that only too well.

"Speaking of introductions, who are you lot?" The new dude asks. "I'm Amilie." She says, trying to hide the stress out of her voice that only I can hear. "Karel." Her voice is dreamy like always. "Billie. Who are you new dude?" I ask, my voice low, trying not to grab the immortal elders attention just yet.

"My name's Mike." The new dude says in his normal voice making everyone shush him. I quicken my pace, knowing that we are close to the centre of hidden room.

The End

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