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I couldn't sleep , it war irratating, even when I thought I was sleeping I noticed I was just looking at the ceiling. I get up , and quickly dress myself. I just couldn't bother with sitting there anymore.  I kneel down to an outlet, and become electronic particles. The world of electricity allowed me to see the world differently as I travel along wires , and conduits, I see people as energy. I get onto the powerlines and pass by the fish and chip place  most people show up orange to me but in there was a person shaped as blue. I change directions and go to through into the wall sockets.  They person was in the kitchen I exit out of a wall socket beside the sink.

It feels so strange to go from formed completely of energy particles to biological things. I felt rather tingly and light headed, but I look up to where I saw the blue person was she was gone but to other people where there.

"Hey!" I say looking directly at them lifting a tile up in the floor of the kitchen they turn around, " How come there is three of you but I only see two?" I ask but it hits me before the respond. The third was that person from earlier that passed by that I didn't see.

" Another physcic. Come on how am I supposed to get billie to the elders." One of them say.

" The Elders?" I ask incredoulously.

The persons mouth drops.

" Just get in you moron, before we get cuaght." I complie , my curiouse nature overcoming me.


The End

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