Me and Amilie are now in the fish and chips shop. The immortal elders meet below it so all we have to do is go into the basement. Easy enough. I don't really like seeing them, their eyes are so strange but they help me so I shouldn't complain.#

Westar heading to thecounter. "Hello, guys. Yes I can see you." We both turn around and see a blind girl playing with her cane. I swallow deeply. She can see me? My hands are getting sweaty and me mouth is dry.

"Don't worry, I mean no harm." She says calmly. I give a worried look at Amilie, unsure what to do. I'm not used to people seeing me, using my power or not. "Umm... Hi. My name's Billie." I say, my voice quiet but there is no mistaking the horror in my voice.

T he blind girl smiles at me. "Karel." She says. I nod, still not sure what to do. I look to Amilie, she's good in situations like these. "I'm Amilie Saundes. Quess you're like us. Am I right saying you are psychic?" Amilie asks lowering her voice too. Karel smiles a toothy grin.

"Yes I am. What are you two doing here?" Karel asks her voice normal, not worrying about who can hear. I swallow again, my eyes switching to everyone in the chippies faces. "We are here to talk to some important people." Ami says.

"Ami, I don't think it's a good idea telling ..." I start to say but Karel gets to her feet, using her cane. "Can I come?" She asks,her voice light. Me and Amilie look at eachother. "That might not be a good idea, they aren't very people friendly." Amilie says. I snort. "Can be when they want to be." I mumble.

Amilie rolls her eyes."Best get down there." Amilie Saunders says and walk towards the counter, we follow behind. My gaze keeps going to Karel. How can someone so blind see better then others? We walk towards the kitchen. Knowing there is a secret door under one of the tiles that leds to the underground basement.

"Hey!" Amale voice says, making all three of us turn around. We are soooo busted!

The End

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