Fish and ChipsMature

The Fish and Chips shop was buzzing with chatter.  Karel sat in the far corner of the shop, nibbling at her dish idly.  Her white cane lay beside her on the booth indicating she was blind.  People around her noticed this and made gestures to each other, figuring that she couldn't notice.  Little did they know that the blind girl could actually make out all of their motions.

In her mind, Karel had a three dimensional map of her current location.  Throughout her life, she had learned to exploit her strength of being able to manipulate Qi, the life force that flowed through all living things.  She had strengthened herself spiritually to the point that she could see everything, even things that other people did not see. 

For instance, this came into play when she felt two humanoids enter the room.  They were unnoticed by the other customers, which quite intruiged her.  She only reached one explanation, although it was quite a ridiculous one. 

That's why, when the two teenagers approached the center of the room, Karel was there, waiting.

"Hello, guys.  Yes I can see you."  She said, playing with her cane.  "Don't worry, I mean no harm." 

The teenagers jolted for a moment, unsure of what to do.  Usually, the last thing an invisible person would expect was to be caught by a blind girl.  "Umm...  Hi."  Said one of them.  "My name is Billy."

She just smiled.  "Karel."

The End

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