" Eh ,You hear that." Carl pulls a canadian accent, and then Jack laughed.

" Yeah I did. You failed your suppost to but eh a the end of the sentence like. The weather quite charming, eh?"  I say focusing mostly at that one incident,  I let it replay in my mind. I get physcially pushed aside and hear a invisable sorry.  Nothing else could describe but as powers.

" Hey you going to order anytime soon, eh?" Jack says waving his hand infront of me. I take a moment to realize i'm sitting down.

" Yeah sure. I'll have......"


I don't hate my roomates or anything just think they are stupid, anyways we all chipped in for the final price and went our seperate ways. I followed roughly towards where the vioce went too. However it was completely futile because thats the only clue I had.  I packed my small little mission in early and headed back home. I head upstairs , and lie on my bed looking out the window.

"There's always tomorow."

The End

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