Running Around InvisableMature


I sigh and start to rock on my bed while rubbing my temples. I should never of come here, never should of came to England. I miss America. I miss the warm sun from Phoenix, my old home. I can tell the tears are still running down my face.

I can hear movement from outside my room. I sigh and get to my feet.

I know I'm still invisable, I can feel it. I push open my door and sneak out.

I don't really need to sneak, no one can see me but I still feel more comfitable  to sneak about. I slam the front door and start to run. I need find my mate. She helps me calm down, helps me turn visable again. I bump into a few people going into the fish and chip place.

"Sorry." I mutter and run on. I shake my head, that poor guy probably thinks he's going mad. One minuet he gets bumped into by, what seems like, nothing and then hears a voice even though no one is around. God, I need to be more careful!

The End

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