The rainMature


I walk through the streets it was raining, I like the rain it always seems to wash away the bad in life. I turn a left onto an old road made of stone blocks, the houses where darkened it was quite , and somewhat abandonned.  I live here not to far from the university , but far enough the rest of the world seems to disapear.  It was also perfect to study at say for the few abnoxiouse roomates who's dreams in life are pathetic. All they want to do is party and get drunk, and to say what is little dismaying there are actually paying for university which they rarily attend. Idiots.

As the street winds a little I see my door , and I make that last leg of my walk end  by using my unusal speed. In a blink of an eye I'm at the door , and I open it trying to be as quite as possible. Then I rush into the dining room appearing on one of the large stool sitting at opposite side of a kitchen counter.

" Holy crap man! Stop doing that your going to give me a heart attack someday!"  A loud mouthed Jack said holding his chest. I just laughed.

" Just because you have specail abilities doesn't mean you get to scare Jack adjacent himself." Carl says

The adjacent thing was a bit of an inside joke, I was just wonder how to avoid saying to at one point by using adjacent anyways. I didn't have a problem disclosing the fact I have abilities, the only people I avoided telling was people in authority just in case those movie scenarios are a reality.

" So what is dinner going to be today?" I ask seeing the cupboards perftectly empty.

" Anyone fancy a trip out to a fish and chips joint?" Jack asks.

" Agian?" I groan.

The End

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