I open the my door, relieved to finally get away from people looking at me.

Xantho Perkins, one of my room mates, is really nice and I like her but I'm not a very social person. She has amazing flame red hair and very pale skin. "Awww Billie you gotta tell us whats going on I mean I tell you what they used to do to me and that they used to call me a witch and you know what when we beat their asses they never picked on me again why can't we do that for you?"

Anger is boiling up inside me. Xantho doesn't understand! How could she? She's white for christs sake! I know that's not the only reason they beat me up but it doesn't help the situation either. "You don't understand!" My anger comes out but only in a mutter, I'm not a loud person.

I run into my bedroom. Tears are falling from my golden eyes. I turn on my ipod, music blasting in my ears. I sigh and go over to my bed. I look into the mirror on the side of my bed and gasp.

I have no reflection at all, it'slike no one is in my room! I shake my head, I need to get control over my emotions or I'll always turn invisable at the slightest things. This is the main reason I had toleave america, because I have powers. I can turn myself invisable, kinda suits my personality doesn't it.

The End

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