Jade Sapphire

It was a sleepless night for me, as I tossed and turned in bed considering what would happen to me tommorow morning, which was only hours away. It was a suicide; that much was obvious to me. I was jumping into the fire, knowing that I'd never come out of it, at least not without a scar.

I sighed, rolling onto my back and stared at the ceiling above me, sleep no where near sight. What were they planning to do with me? I couldn't imagine what they had on their minds, and I still had no idea what Raine had meant earlier about the ritual they were going to perform. I had the basic idea of it, the whole 'taking over the world' thing that any villian would want.

But why was I needed for this? Why was I so important? It's all been a mystery to me. Not just the whole in the story that centred around Jade Sapphire but around my parents too. Who were they? And would I ever see them in my life...if I were still alive after tommorow?

The rest of the night passed by with each second filled with my worried thoughts and fear. I didn't fear death if that's where this would be leading me to, because I knew now that if I did die, it would only mean that I'm doing it for my friends and the people I love.

Nothing more mattered to me.

I just wanted to protect them. And that was the last thought I had to encourage me with what I was doing as I got off the bed, sharp 5:00 A.M, getting ready for what was ahead of me.

It was a huge question mark, my future. But that didn't matter. Because I had no future to worry about anymore.

The End

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