Billie Jayson.

My head feels heavy and my lips are all chapped and dry, a thick smell of damp in the air.

I rub the sleep out of my eyes as I try to grab my bearings. Where am I?

My yellow eyes start adjusting in the darkened room as I wrap my arms around the thick book, holding it closely to my chest.

Slowly rising to my feet, I follow the soft light into another dark room hearing multiple soft voices, haulting in the doorway, shock running through my veins.

There, in the center of the room is Mike. My Mike. My wonderful Mike with... are they what I think they are?!

All four mens heads flash in my direction, Mikes expression hard. Irritant.

My eyes flash to the other men, clinging even more tightly onto the book as my eyes harden at their greedy expressions.

"Ah, I told you Theord, he wasn't lying." One of the men with long pale white hair and a sharp smile says.

"Billie. Go back to bed." My head turns in the direction of Mikes voice but my eyes are still locked onto the strange three men.

"We could always have a small meal now, I'm fammished!" Another one of the pale faced men snears. My fingernails tighten around the edges of the book.

"Billie go." Mikes voice is clear but I still refuse to move. I've got so many questions.

Where am I? Who are these men? What are these men? And what business does Mike have with them?

"Careful now, we don't want to scare the young one. Who knows what she'll do..." The first man who spoke smiles at the other while the silent man is clinging more into the shadows, hiding his face.

In a few strides Mike is by my side.

"Go Billie!"

My eyes lock with his. So many emotions rise up inside me; passion, happieness, fear, sorrow, confusion, love... and something else.

He grabs my arm hard, hard enough that his knuckels turn white and I have to bite my lip to stop a cry of pain escaping through my lips. I refuse to show any kind of weakness in front of these creatures!

At first I thought they were vampires, but now... after seeing them move, hearing them talk... I just don't know.

"Billie!" Mikes threatening hiss brings my focus back to him.

"What are they?" My voice is rough.

"Billie just go. I'll be in to deal with you later."

"I'm not going..."

"Don't ignore my orders!" His voice is nothing like I've heard before, nothing like I used to remember, but I guess he's changed....

I don't care though! I still love him!

I do, turning my back on him and the strange men.

My curiosity is almost killing me inside but I don't want to upset Mike anymore. I won't!

I move far enough away that I can't hear the low voices of the strange men in the dimily lit room with Mike.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor in the corner, my hands run over the book opening it slowly and feeling its strength rushing through me, giving me strength.

Reading through the words on the page in my head, feeling the weight of their power rushing through me.

A sharp pain rushes through my right hand causing me t stop and look down at the black smoke that was once my hand...

"You should be careful with that."

My head snaps up, bringin the book protectively over my chest, as I scowl deeply at the tall form in front of me.

He leans down, our faces inches apart. He's the other one! One of the strange men from that room!

"Come with me."

I ignore his outstrechted hand. I may be confused but no way am I weak!

A small smile touches his lips. "Yes, she said that you've got too much pride for me to try that."

"Who said?" My eyebrows raises, trying desperately to read him but getting nothing.

"But when I saw that you just did what that weasel in there told you, I thought differently."

"Hey! Mike is no weasel!" My voice is loud as anger pumps through me, making hot rushes run up my skin, knowing that the strange smoke is spreading quickly.

A surprisingly warm finger goes to my lips. "Shhh."

He points to the other room where I can see all four men in deep conversation.

Wait a second... four?!

How can there be four when one of those men is standing right by me and also standing in that room?!

"Follow me. You'll understand."




The End

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