I sat down on the couch exhausted the last day had been confusing and a lot of things still made little sense. Like what had happened to myself, and who these people where to me. I only remembered a few names, Billy,Ash, Jade, Leon, chase, Morpher. Their was another memory that was clear and it was Billy carrying a book but otherwise what was going is a complete mystery to me.

"What a mess." Mike sighed remembering his escape from the vampire's layer.

It wasn't an easy task since vampires where on high alert after I had caved in a cavern, I did manage to escape hardly unseen, but the vampires knew somebody had snuck into their deepest layer, and had made out with something. The maze of caverns lead me into an abandoned  warehouse. But when I noticed I had escaped the vampires clutches, Raine was going to need medical attention, his wounds were harsh and it looked like he needed a fresh batch of blood or he will die.

Luckily a hospital was close by and by coincidence an old friend recognized my face even though I did not recognize her, and it was lucky because she had a power, the power to heal. however this power came with a heavy price she either needed to take the life source of living things around her or using her own life source. she opted to use mine seeing that she spent so much time using it give her patients are better chance.

"Well Mike, I'm not sure what has happened to you, or your friend but I want answer. And I want the now!" She brok my train of thought as she sat down in front of me.

"Emma , I wish I could but I woke up this morning in the middle of a green field after having a strange dream about glowing lights talking about the endless night and implanting light in my soul, and they gave me this sword. Other then that my memories are blurred." I replied. Emma is a slender girl with deep green eyes, and red hair, she always dressed with tight jeans, with a tight tank top, covered by a less revealing shirt with some colourful drawings, and a black hoodie.

Emma had quite an attitude I could tell that she disliked being faced with things she didn't understand, she also had a very caring side of her that she hid with a hard faced, cut throat attitude.

"Well Mike fill me in as best you can since the day you stopped going to class!" She said lighting a cigarette.

I managed to find a place in the outer reaches of town, it was trashed apartment little light, no insulation but it had some furniture and the vampires wouldn't find us here to quickly.  Although everything was covered in dust.

"Well one thing is their is a crap load of vampires out their, and they want to kill people like you and me."

"You and me?" She questioned. Instead of explaining i demonstrated my ability to create and control electricity by having some form on my palm," I see, continue."

"They want to start something called the endless night. Don't ask I don't know what its about. But I know that they need a book which a girl I care for very much named Billie carries, but I don't where she is. They also need another girl named Jade, she has a power that can control reality. She is currently with a brave and strong person who I think is capable of controlling earth his name is Ash. I don't know where they are either. There is also some werewolves one is named Leon. I don't where they fit in. But the vampires fear Ash. so I'm under the assumption they are supporting him. As for me I they think I'm dead."

"Well if your telling me what you can you must have experienced a trauma of some sort lose all your memories, and maybe you did. I mean all this sounds out their already why not just speculate a little further." She broke in. "Anyways what do you plan to do now?"

"Well one I need to warn Ash, that the vampires aren't going to just attack their gonna come at him in a way that is different than normal thinking. And if they manage to get to him, the blow is gonna be hard. So he can't ever be let off guard."

"How are you going to warn him if you don't know where he is? And if you do why don't you just help him directly?"

"I don't know, and two I need to find Billy she has the book, and she is with someone dangerous. Plus I need to keep my identity secret from the vampires, they can't know I am not dead, so then I have the advantage when they think they have everybody else cornered." I replied.

"How do you not know Billy isn't with this Ash guy now?"

"Because the vampires had said in their counsel room that she wasn't with him."

"Then who is this dangerous guy?"

"Me except will a crazy evil me. who will just use her." I mumble getting tired of the line of questions.

"This just gets weirder." Emma finished taking a final drag on her cigarette before discarding it on the floor.

"Anyways what are you still doing here?" I ask.

"Taking care of your friend there. and if your so afraid of the vampire finding out your identity you might want to check who this guy is. His teeth match a vampire like discription. Anyways whats he to you?"

"Well from what i can tell he is on our side he was protecting Jade. And they said they were gonn use him to lewer Jade away from Ash plus he was getting tortured had to get him out of their layer."

"Well Mike, I don't know what you got yourself in but I think you need some rest, and I’m here to help you."

"You shouldn't get involved, I know you know me Emma, but i feel I don't know you. I thank you for you for stabilizing Raine, and that’s enough."

"Well Mike you got me involved when you dragged Raine half dead, and let me heal him. On top of that what this group of vampires is doing might involve everyone soon. So I am involved whether you like it or not. Now get some god damn sleep before I beat you over the head with a cinder block!"

The End

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