An Unexpected VisitMature

Jade Sapphire

I watched Ash move across the room and stare at the white feather in his hands, unanswered doubts written across his face. I was curious as to how it had gotten there as well but I decided to leave it a mystery unattended to as I slipped out the room, unnoticed.

I descended the steps slowly, and entered the living room, seeing Chase sprawled across the couch in quite an unruly manner, snoring while Drake and Leon sat opposite to him and were talking to each other, deep in the conversation by the looks of it. But the moment I entered the room, both of their eyes immediately went to me. Their gaze never left me as I moved across the room, entering the kitchen. It's as if they were wanting to make sure I wouldn't try to leave the house. Soon enough, as I was making some hot chocalate for myself, I could hear someone enter the kitchen.

Sighing, I turned around to meet Leon who gave me a small smile, before plopping down onto one of the chairs.

"I'm not going anywhere," I said, sitting down next to him with a frown pulled on my face.

"I didn't come here to track you but to check on how you're doing," he said with a smile, running his hands through his blonde hair. "Ash isn't the only one worried about you."

"I know," I sighed again, slumping against the chair. "And I'm fine. Just a little tired I guess." I shrugged and looked out the window across from me that showed a view of the backyard, where Leon and his pack had come from only sometime ago. It seemed so distant thinking about it now. Maybe because of all that had happened since then.

"I think he cares the most though."

I turned to face Leon once again, not getting what he meant as I'd drifted off in my thoughts. "Hmm?"

He smiled. "Ash. He cares the most about you. And I have the idea that you don't quite understand his feelings for you."

I stared at Leon, wondering exactly what he was trying to get at. But he stood up, ruffled my hair and left the kitchen, leaving me dumbstruck as I stared at the wall. It was at that moment that something crazy happened.

One of the vampires appeared right before my eyes and I almost screamed if it weren't for the sudden numbness that washed over me, making me feel paralyzed. What was going on?

The pale vampire put a finger to his lips, smiling as he walked closer to me. He looked like a hologram, as he flickered fading in and out in front of me but remaining there.

"Jade Sapphire. I'm sorry for dropping by so suddenly but there's an urgent message I'd like to convey to you." I stood fixed to the chair, watching the vampire chuckle. He looked familiar and then I recognized him to be one of the Elders, the one that I'd slapped before who seemed so happy to have tortured me after that.

"If you want your affectionate Raine to be returned to you in one piece, I'd like you to drop by the coffee shop tommorow early morning. No accomplices by your side, yours only. And no one should know of this. If you don't come," he shrugged, "some of my pets would be happy to share Raine among themselves."

I stared at the Elder, fixed in my position, but shock flooded over me as I could feel myself fight inside on what to do.

"I hope you make the right decision. Adieu."

And with that, he disappeared from view and I felt myself breathe normally again, the invisible rope no longer there. What had just happened? I lokoed around the kitchen to see if he was still there but he wasn't. It was then that I caught sight of something from outside the window. It was hard to distinguish by the dark colors of the forest but I sure as hell knew my eyes weren't playing tricks.

Blood-colored robes...

They were here. And they wanted me.

Taking a deep breath, I knew that I had no choice but to go by what they had planned for me.

The End

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