Do you believe in fairly tales?Mature

Ash River

60 seconds of silence passed between us. I couldn’t read her anymore, her face was guarded and her eyes were shutting me out. The bite mark on her neck was nearly identical to my own, two crescent moons and pale. Although there was something different about Jades and I couldn’t figure it out.

“Jade please tell me.” I held both her cold hands, her bluely green eyes were darker and looked tired.

Jade looked at our hands as she spoke quietly. “I…I’m…” She looked up searching my face, her eyes lingering on my bite and ran a hand through her tangled hair. “They fed off me.” Jade got up off the bed looking out the window. “It was the only way, they wanted to feel my power and that was all nothing else happened.”

The silence dragged on between us again. Until we heard the familiar sound of our friend as they came into the room.

“Frazzle.” I said as he stood next to me on the bed and I stroked his feathers. “Jade how about you take a bath, clean up and I’ll sort the bed out for you.” I stood up and found her a dressing gown.

“Thanks Ash.” Jade said taking the dressing gown and I went to start her bath adding sweet smelling bubbles and shampoo for her.

“This bath is huge.” I smiled touching her arm. “But looks great.”

“Will you be ok?”

“Sure it’s only a bath right.” Jade still looked uncertain as she moved taking the dressing gown off.

“I’ll erm go.” I turned away giving her space to have her bath in peace, only to feel her hand on my shoulder and that was all it took.


Jade came back into the room smelling like roses, she looked small in the dressing gown and she sat on the bed.

“Jade what happened.” I was facing the window feeling the winter breeze for the first this year.

“I…I told you Ash.”

“I know you did.” My fists were clenched on the window ceil, I knew something had changed about her and now I was waiting.

“Ash I’m tired, nothing happ-

“Don’t. Lie. To. Me.” I said through my teeth trying hard not to snarl my words. “Tell me the truth; tell me that what I’m thinking right now is wrong.”

“I’m not….Believe me this is hard.” I wouldn’t look at Jade, I couldn’t.

“The truth is never easy.”

“I…I…I found out that…” Jade gasped and I could hear her fidgeting. I hated this so much, I wanted her to trust me and I needed to trust her.

“Jade please tell me. Just say the words!” I slammed my fist down making the wood crack. “Tell me the truth.” I whispered.

“I’m a vampire.”

I walked out the room hearing her call my name.


Leon, Chase and Drake were still in the living room, Chase snoring softy in the armchair and the other two chatted quietly. I walked out the back door walking down the familiar route to my parents grave and of course filling them in on the latest.  

The two roses were still on full bloom, smiling I added a few more and took the my silver ring off noticing the emerald stone dim a little.

“I’d put that back on if I was you.” I spun round hearing the voice and seeing no one.

I looked at the ring moving it between my fingers, remembering finding it under a floorboard by my dad’s bedside and wearing it ever since.

“Put the ring back on Ash.” The voice was like a whisper behind me. “He’ll want you to.”

Again I looked round but I was alone at the bottom of my garden. Nothing made sense. I sighed putting the ring back on my index finger. “Ok done.” Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me or-

“Thanks Ash.” The voice was back. “You’ve grown up.”

I gasped seeing the figure sitting on a nearby tree, swinging their legs and smiling down at me. “You’re not real to?”

“Only to some we are.”

“I don’t understand, what are you? Why are you here? Why me?” The questions came rolling off my tongue because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “This has got to be a dream.”

She laughed and appeared in front of me. “For now it can be your dream. Now wake up Ash.” Her eyes captured me all I could see was blue and hear her voice telling me to wake up and then the world burred making me close my eyes...  

When I opened my eyes again the sun was pepping through the curtains, I was lying on Jades bed and looking round the room I saw Jade standing watching me.

“Frazzle was sat next to you, I asked Leon to help bring you in and I watch you sleep.”

“I can’t believe it…I just can’t get my head round it.” I sat up running my hand through my hair.

“I should go, leave and let you get on with your life.” Her voice was a mix of emotions, hurt, pain, worried and scared.

“Sit down.”

“No I’ll just go.” Jade moved towards the door, but I moved faster and grabbed her wrist.

“I won’t let you walk away from me Jade Sapphire.” Our eyes locked. “Jade I don’t want you to go.”

“This won’t work Ash, you know what I am. I know how you feel about vampires and I couldn’t bear for you to look at me that way.” But yet here I was staring at her, all of her.

“But you don’t seem to know how I feel about you. After everything we’re being through together and you still don’t know.” I let go off her wrist moving my eyes off her and then gasped.

“Frazzle doesn’t have white wings, must be something that blow in from the window.” Jade looked towards the open window but her face was confused. I went over to my pillow puzzled and then I remembered last night.

The pure white feather glistened under my fingers.

Not only were there humans with special powers, vampires and werewolves. But now I had to deal with another fantasy creature and I hoped she was on our side.  

The End

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