Jade Sapphire

The moments passed away, with me in silence among the others. I felt like a wreck inside, hiding my tears and the anger all that I intended upon my own self. Everything that had happened till now was my fault; the vampires wanted me for some ritual like Raine had mentioned, I just didn't know why.

Billie's gone, Mike's dead...I glanced quickly at the others in  the car: Leon, Drake, Chase and Ash. They didn't deserve to risk their own lives for me. And if the vampires have taken Raine, who knows what they would've done to him? I flinched at the thought, images streaming in my mind. I should leave them, just give myself up to the vampires. They could take me and use me for whatever reason in the world as long as they didn't hurt my friends just to get to me.

I don't have anything worth for my life. I'm just an orphaned (vampire) girl. There's nothing in it for me if I'm on this Earth or not.


I snapped out of my reverie, my eyes turning to meet Ash. He was looking at me with concern but gave me a small smile nonetheless. "We're back to my house." He beckoned towards the open passenger door to my left, and I gave him a quick nod, getting out of the car.

I followed the others into the house, as we headed for the front door. We were met by the hallway that leads to the kitchen, and by the quick glimpse I got of it the area looked refurnished and brand new. But I barely cared about the kitchen being redone, even though I was curious what must have happened to make it so. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, trying to relax against the soft cushions supporting my back. Ash sat down next to me and smiled at me but I ignored him, watching the others settle down around us.

"So what now?" Leon asked, looking around at each face and hoping for an answer. "The vampires will be coming back for Jade, I'm sure. We have to have a good enough plan of defense when they attack."

I groaned on the inside. More fights, more lost blood.

"Well for one, Jade has to be inside the house. We have to make sure she doesn't get out of our sight," Drake said in an authorative voice, eyeing me.

I gave him a slight nod to tell him I'd do that. Somehow, he looked familiar but I couldn't quite figure where I'd seen him before.

"I think that we should just ready ourselves to kick some vampire ass, again," Chase said with a cocky grin.

"Don't think vampire hordes are easy to beat Chase. We were lucky back there that Jade used her power. Otherwise, we'd probably be dead now," Ash replied in a low voice.

"I owe you one," Chase joked.

"You owe me nothing," I snapped and they all looked at me, curious eyes on my face. "I owe you all my own life. If you hadn't come, I would've..." My voice got stuck in my throat as I considered the possibilities of what could have happened. I felt the tears prick at my eyes as harsh memories came crashing down on me bit by bit. "I'd be dead. So thank you, all of you. But you've done enough."

With that last word, I stood up and headed out of the living room and up the stairs to the bedroom. Opening the door, I shut it softly and sat down on the bed, running my hands over my hair in frustration.

They deserved everything I could give them. Everything. But then why was I hiding the truth about my parents, about my being a vampire? Was it the fear they'd reject me?

"Jade I looked up towards the source of the voice and found Ash standing the door. He seemed hesitant as if to come closer or not, but he did, closing the room door behind him. Sitting down next to me on the bed, he opened his mouth to say something but I interrupted him.

"Ash, please just don't start on me. I just can't hear it. I know I shouldn't have left. I made things worse, and I had the stupidest reason to have abandoned you all. All I've do-"

"You have to stop blaming yourself, it's not your fault." His tone was sharp as he spoke, staring at me with intensity. "If it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I've done...stupid stuff and I wish I could take it back but no one can change the past."

How much I wish I could...

"All that mattered to me then was getting you back. And the others felt the same way."

"But Mike. He died because of me." The tears started streaming freely down my cheeks, I couldn't hide them anymore. Talking about all this only made it harder for me. "What other reason could there be?"

"There are! You just have to believe in me and the others now. Just calm down and stop beating yourself up for something you didn't do."

Ash's hands lingered near my cheek, rubbing away each tear. "Just stop crying..."

I really stared at him at that moment, his emerald eyes reflecting worry and concern, his lips pulled into an unconcious frown. Ash cared about me, I knew that. But why should he? He might reassure me, telling me none of this is my fault but deep down, I will always remember that I was the root of all the troubles we'd encountered. If that one night, I hadn't set step in that place at that time, the vampires would have eventually found me without my meeting Billie, Mike and Ash. Things would have been completely different. But I couldn't change the past. And this was how it would be.

"Jade." His voice sounded distant but it only took me a moment to return to reality. I felt Ash's cool hand against my neck. His eyes were no longer on mine but concentrating on another spot. And just as I thought this, his finger grazed it lightly, a hot burning sting shot through and I gasped in pain. It still hurt.

I tried to move away from Ash when the questions started but he didn't let me go, demanding the truth from me.

"What happened? Who did this to you?"

There was an urgency behind each question and it made me unsure.

Telling I'm a vampire would be easy...but being one in front of him, that's something I can't avoid.

The End

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