Eve: Nightmares coming to lifeMature


It felt like the old times between me and Jason. When Jason was little he used to have nightmares and would come running into my bedroom climbing into my bed. I woke up and instead of asking him what monsters he saw, I would go downstairs and bring us a midnight feast. Together we sat cross legs facing each other, munching on our feast and I would take away his scary thought and replace them with happy ones. However this time it was Jason who went and raided the sweet machine and tried to find out what happened in my nightmare.

“Callum related to Robert?” Jason says after I explained everything to him. “God talk about connection and I thought our family was screwed up.”

I smile. “Yeah I know, so in some way me and Ash are also connected through vampire blood with our vampire marks…great.” Sighing I looked over at the clock seeing how late it is. “Jas what happened, how did you even get involved with the vampires?”

“It’s a long story. One that I’m not going to get into now.” Jason looks away towards the window seeing the full moon. “Things are changing Eve, something going to happen and I don’t know how it’s going to end.”

“Jas, things are always changing its called life.”

 “Well every mortal life is at risk and I really don’t know if we’re have the strength to fight.” Jason looked straight in my eyes and I felt how true his words were. “Some will lose the fight before it even begins…the dark powers are already at work.” I shivered and clasped Jason hands.

“Oh god…” I gasped remembering the whispers months ago and fearing it.  

“The endless night is coming.”


The End

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