Into the deepMature

Mike Terith

The vampires began to convene on one spot. I could only think that something was up, but if I charged in right now I wouldn't find a shred of information and there was a good chance that I could get my ass kicked. So I decided to lay down and get as close as I could get without being noticed, in the long grass. As I got closer I heard the vampires chanting some incomprehensible nonsense. It stopped suddenly as the ground began to shake the vampires took a step back revealing  an opening in the side of the hill. The group of darkly dressed vampires began piling in but amongst the crowd I recognized a terrifying face. The Morpher  it had looked like he was recovering from a heavy battle but a terrible horrifying fear ran down my spine seeing his murderous red eyes scourging the local area for onlookers like myself.

Once all the vampires had disappeared into the hole I quickly used my powers to slip through quickly before entrance shut. Inside the whole was lit with a few ancient looking torches, attatchet to a smoothly rounded hall. Up ahead the echoes of the vampires walking reminded me that I was not alone ,and there was no one to help me if there was anyone out there that would help me.

For a few quiet minutes I walked in the hall my heart beating fast as the hall got wider and the ancient torches began to provide less and less light. However up ahead I could here noises coming from an auditorium meaning that somewhere at the end of this hall would be better light, but unfortunately from the sounds of it a lot of blood thirsty vampires.  I rounded a corner to see two guards at the opening of what must be the auditorium. Telling by the fact that they carried weapons they probably rely on brute strength to fight. However taking them out would result in warning entire hoard of vampires that I'm here. But maybe if i used static electricity i could stick to the ceiling and go rate over them. That left problems of what I was going to do after going past them but I will make it up as I go along.

Once past the guards the auditorium was also poorly lit which allowed for some leeway for me to find a good hiding spot to watch whatever the hell was going on here. To me it it looked like this was some sort of theatre or musical stage and the vampires where just out having a good ol time with good old fashion entertainment. But telling by the looks on there faces this must be some important meeting.  A few minutes dragged on before the chatter died down and an elder came to center stage.

"As you all know we are called today because of the endless night. However we are missing key, artifacts and people to make it work as planned."  Started the elder. and from the crowd a responces ," What are we missing Immortal Elder Sull?"

"We are missing the book, and a girl named Jade who can bend reality to her will, not only that but the sprites are working against us this time and hold the key. But in good news the sprites agent. Mike Terith is now dead, one less problem we have."

"That is no thanks to Acerius or Morpher." Says a big vampire with huge muscles and at least stood ten feet tall.  

"Traxus you did not kill the man either even though I did fail in my attempt to kill him." Morpher says from the bleachers.

"Enough you two, Mike Terith is no longer a threat to us and thats what matters. The real threat is Ash River. Who was able to save the girl Jade from our clutches as well as escape, elude and get in our way countless times before. What I would like Traxus or Acerius is how are you going to get Ash out of our way and get Jade back in to our hands." Said Immortal elder Sull

" We know where the bastard lives why don't we go there with my men and kick the crap out of him and his gang of mutts." Traxus says arrogantly.

" Traxus, a man like Ash is not stupid nor is he going to be easy to kill. Numbers may work against him but in a more likely case he will slip away and we will not know where he is. Its safer to instead lewer Jade out with your Raine then quickly take her while she is out of Ash's protective reach. Also to make sure he will not come after us again we should strike fear in his heart by creating an illusion of brutally murdering Jade before his very eyes. Sure this will out rage him by I am confident that it will mentally destabilize him enough for one of my men to take him down. Or even myself if given the time. To make sure he will not recover if he chooses to survive we kill his gang of mutts to show that he only brings the death of others. " Morpher says coldly.

"Your a killer that's for sure Arecius and even I wouldn't want to stand in your way if thats how far your going to with this Ash." Traxus says.

"However I have information about the whereabouts of the book. The girl Bill has it and she has resurrected Mike Teriths Insanity! I'm sure with a little bit of motivation and some indirect pushing we can get the book into our hands erase another threat from our list." Traxus says happily to make up for his loss against the Morphers plan against Ash.

"Traxus are you sure that you can contain Mike Terith's Insanity. I bet that it has its own set of intelligent, and we know from the past that it would do anything to approach ultimate power. Trying to control that man or thing is a pipe dream. perhaps your original plan with ash only used on him would be more suitable."  Morpher says.

"That's the thing we just need to make it look like he is on the right track Arecius then when he has himself cornered with Billie we take him down."

"Also aren't you forgetting that the book has chosen Billie as prime user. Killing her is not an option and cornering her might become very dangerous with the book still in her hands." Morpher points out.

"Arecius as long as the Insane part of Mike Terith keeps her believing he is good she will be like putty in our hands. Besides Arecius I have alot of people watching her, its only a matter of time until the book is back in our possession." Traxus says smugly. Making my heart fall. I could not let that man hurt Billie, and I also couldn't stand thinking that the insane part of me was with Billie using her for his own ends!  I needed to fix this.

" I see that our two junior counsel members have already have the pieces in place to take our rightful victory. We shall return in five days to assemble the endless night. Meeting adjourned" Immortal elder Sull says," Also Arecius on further Note you should break Raines soul before you have him lewer Jade out. He will not co operate otherwise."

"Yes, I understand this and will be attending to him soon seeing that my men have killed his father for his failure." Morpher replied so coldly I could feel the room temperature drop.

I had a choice I either followed Traxus who could lead me to Billy or I follow Morpher who scares me and save Ash and a team of werewolves that seemed to be getting in the way of the vampires plans quite a bit. Plus also save some poor person named Rain from a terrible punishment. At this point I had already lost sight of Traxus so I followed Morpher into the deep.  I trailed behind a good fifty feet and used light electric currents to track his movements. Until we reached a barred an area where the ground seemed to drop off into never endingness and only a few pieces of rock making a bridge with a few branches leading to cells was the only ground. At the end of the bridge was a boy tied to a chair bleeding and battered badly.

"Raine my boy why can't you just co operate with us? Its only a matter of time to till we break you!" Morpher said with a bright light in his right hand which he pressed into Raine's skin causing him to scream in pain!

"Never Arecius, Jade is safe and that's all that matters, I would die before bringing her into harms way!" He said loudly in defiance.  I instantly respected Raine not many people would be able to sound the defiant in that condition.

"Shut your moth Raine! Arecius can make your worsts nightmare seem like a day on the beech if he wanted to. He can screw your mind up so bad. He can Morph anything thought, object person, mind. he is only a step down then what your precious Jade can do." Said a vampire holding a jagged and bloodied knife in his right hand.

As if to prove his point Morpher turned rains chair into a strange octopus like creature which wrapped itself around Raine.

"Come on Raine you know the only escape is to co operate, even in death I can animate you body. At least if you co operate you can still live. " Said Morpher.

" Then Kill me, because I will never break!" Raine said sounding a little less sure of himself.

I really wanted to help but there was no way I could take on Morpher or Arecius at this point I felt strong but something told me he was stronger then.... Wait... a memorie was coming back I had fought him before and barely escaped with my life but the same could have been said for him. But right now something was different he was, Stronger. Also I felt now was not the time to reveal that I am still alive. They beat and battered Raine for ten minutes until Raine lost consciousness.

"Sorry Arecius!" Said the vampire with the Knife.

"Fool! We can afford to lose his life but it would be far more believable if I didn't have reanimate him. We'll try later and if he still resists we kill him. We don't have much Time!" Morpher says with anger but still very calm," I will be back I have other things to attend to. Make sure he gets it hard when he wakes up." Morpher says before leaving.

Now was my chance! I dropped from the ceiling and landed quietly a 10 meters away from the vampire. The vampire  looked up surprised to see an intruder in the midst of a hidden vampire lair. His surprise turned to happiness as he saw it as a chance to fight however I was not going to allow this fight last even a second.  He charged with incredible agility and went to stab me from behind but I was already their and caught his knife with my electrified hand. with my right arm free I sliced him in half with the sword. I grabbed Rained and used huge blasts of electricity to make it look like the ground had given way and crushed there bodies, so that they wouldn't come looking for Raine later. Now that I had Raine now I realized I had no plan for getting out of here.

The End

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